December 28, 2013

9 ways speed trance inductions can help a total sissy survive in prison

Picture this.  You’ve been sent to prison.  Yet, you’re not the “prison type”.

You pace back and forth in the cell.  Sweat running down your face.

“You sure do got a purdy face.  Come here.” this voice carries across the cell.  “You’re my b$%$ now”

Sheer terror and panic coarse through your veins.

You walk up to him.  Scared.  But with a plan.

richard nongard

Then BAM! You hit him with an instant induction. Your ninja skills in speed trance training has paid off. Your behind is safe.  No more picking up the soap 😉

instant induction training

If you want to learn more about Speed Trance Inductions watch this interview below.

Its with myself and Richard Nongard and John Cerbone of Speed Trance Training

“9 Ways Speed Trance Inductions can help a total sissy survive in prison” CLICK TO TWEET

Now I’ve got some good and bad news.  The bad news is, if you get sent to prison, I ain’t breaking you out. The goods news is you can now take on bubba with Speed Trance Inductions.

Richard Nongard & John Cerbone have teamed up after a 9 year break to bring their brand
new and ground breaking Online Speed Trance Inductions Training (January 18, 2014)

The price of this bad boy is a mere $97.  For this price you’re gonna learn:

  • The Cerbone Butterfly induction and how to hypnotize someone in 7 seconds.
  • Powerful strategies for public demonstrations of hypnotic power
  • “Blink” the one-second induction not taught by Cerbone & Nongard since 2007 in Manchester, U.K.
  • How to use Speed Trance in stage hypnosis.  (This blew away the attendees of one of the largest hypnosis conventions in the country in 2011.)
  • A new way to create excitment in stage hypnosis performances
  • And much much more!

I’ve been waiting FOREVER to use that line 😉 We’ve got a little contest going on for people who register for this online hypnosis training. One lucky winner is going to get a copy of their

Speed Trance 2 DVD Set!!! (Valued at $97)


There are only 2 rules for this contest.  1) Share the video below by clicking share 2) Register for this event.  3) Win a cool prize

1) Click the Share button below the video and create a status update about why you should win this 2 DVD set.


2) Register for the event by clicking the registration link below.

instant inductions


Here are some other ways Speed Trance Inductions will help any sissy survive prison:

2) Make your “room mate” hallucinate all sorts of wicked stuff.
3) Give the guards post hypnotic suggestions
4) Make people fear and respect you
5) Give your enemies a post Hypnotic suggestion to sing “I’m a little Tea Pot”
6) Give your enemies some negative hallucinations. Make yourself invisible 😉
7) Give the scariest guys suggestions that their muscles are weak. Watch them try to pick up a pillow…ain’t gonna happen 😉

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