October 11, 2011

Amazing Inductions DVD review

Amazing Inductions DVD Review

If you’re looking for a for some amazing inductions then look no further.  Sean Michael Andrews and Keith Livingston deliver the goods with this DVD.  This DVD does a great job of breaking down each induction into manageable parts.

In the Amazing Inductions DVD Sean & Keith cover the following:

  1. Handshake Interrupt Induction.  Based on an Ericksonian principle and made famous by Richard Bandler
  2. Milton Erickson’s Ambiguous Touch Induction.  Use this to immediately place unsuspecting subjects into trance!
  3. The Russian Scam Induction.  This amazing induction was made famous by Derren Brown.
  4. The now Infamous Hypnosculpture videos. These sneaky & ambush type of hypnotic inductions are covered in detail.

What makes this DVD unique are not the “Amazing Inductions” taught on them.  Rather its HOW they are taught that makes this DVD useful.  Every step in a particular induction is broken down step by step.

What to expect with the Amazing Inductions DVD

  1. An increased knowledge of how Instant and Rapid inductions work.
  2. Increased confidence in using some of the more advanced inductions.
  3. Each induction is broken down into smaller, easy to master steps.
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P.S. To think that the Amazing Inductions DVD is only $69.95!  Hurry up and buy Amazing Inductions before the copies run out.

Do you have this DVD already?  Let me know what you think about it by leaving me a comment below.

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