January 29, 2019

transforming your identity

“Which One Of These Mistakes Is Tanking Your Self-Esteem?”

Dear friend,

If you’re dealing with self-esteem or self-worth issues – this is going to be the most important thing you ever read.

Here’s why:

I recently had the chance to interview Damon Cart from NLP Gym.  He first came on my radar when I was digging into Steve Andrea’s Transforming Yourself model.

He’s running a free webinar on the self-concept model (from Steve Andreas) for the next few days.

This ground-breaking approach to working on identity level issues can boost self-esteem through the roof…without you coming across as a complete douchebag.

Jump over to this link to learn more.

What is this amazing discovery?


First, let’s cover what it’s not.

It’s not advanced and clunky NLP patterns. It’s not hypnosis. It’s unlike anything you’ve come across yet.

And it sure as hell isn’t weak affirmations. Affirmations pump you up with fake self-esteem. The whole “fake it till ya make it” approach always falls flat.

Most self-help stuff is recycled garbage. Shocker, I know. The self-concept is light years ahead.

So what is it? In a nutshell…its a step by step approach to tackle damn near anything you throw at it:

  • Shaky self-esteem?
  • Self-worth issues?
  • deep rooted fears and phobias?

Soon to be a thing of your past.

We know – these are some large shoes to fill. Hold onto the edge of your seat, because we’re about to reveal it.

Here’s what this amazing discovery is:


Your self-concept and your identity (how you see yourself) boils down to 2 things:

#1 The positive traits and values you hold dear (kindness, creativity, etc.)


#2 A collection of memories that showcase these traits and values

Both of these are the lifeblood of your self-concept and identity. You can’t have one without the other.

What if you value kindness for example…but you don’t believe that you’re a kind person? (or your memories don’t reflect this?)

hint: you’re running head first into resistance!

This is when people turn to affirmations. Imagine trying to force-feed kindness (or anything else) into your unconscious.

“I’m becoming more confident each and every day”

You feel like you’re banging your head against the wall. And you’re afraid you’re gonna be fighting uphill battle.

Before you know it – you’re in a never-ending battle with yourself.

Affirmation’s will leave you feeling hollow and empty.

You’ll be left feeling like there’s a gap between you and your ideal self.

How to stop this never-ending battle?

It’s an easy 3 step process to transform your identity…and create a strong “sense of self”…which translates to a rock-solid self esteem and winning personality.

Step #1 Discover memories where these positive traits and qualities are in high supply.

Step #2 Strengthen these qualities (positive traits and values).

Step #3 Transform negative memories. Negative memories lead way to limiting beliefs. This is where the real magic happens.

If you want to discover what this program is all about…watch the video below.

January 19, 2019

transforming yourself review


Dear friend,

If you’re riddled with poor self-esteem, then this might be the most important thing you ever read.  Here’s why:

As you’re aware – poor self-esteem can lead to a host of other issues.  Self worth, anxiety, chasing dreams that aren’t aligned with your values.  And on and on.

I don’t want to bang the drum too much.  If you’re in the thick of it, you know just how bad it is.

That’s the bad news

Now for a breath of fresh air – you can improve your self-esteem by leaps and bounds.  But not by just any old methods.

And you definitely don’t want to approach it with the “fake it till ya make it” approach.

Sure, that approach can be helpful in some situations.  This approach will cause you to crash and burn.

Let this thought bounce around in your head for a moment – “What does it feel like when I strive for goals that aren’t aligned with my top values?”

If you’re shooting for the stars that are in someone elses dream…your motivation will quickly fade and sizzle.  Now on the other hand, if your goals are aligned with your values…you’ll be able to move mountains.

What’s this Wild Goose Chase?

Simply put – its when you’re on the vicious cycle of chasing down goals.  We’ve been taught in society that we need to “achieve achieve achieve!”

But what does that really do for us?

And to further move down the rabbit hole…what if you’re chasing down goals that aren’t aligned with your true values?

Yep, you guessed it.  You’ll burn out faster than you can light another fire under your butt.

I was guilty of this up until a few months ago.  I was lucky enough to discover the Transforming Yourself NLP model.  This product is taught by Damon Cart.  Steve Andrea’s (RIP you beautiful soul) is the originator of the Transforming Yourself model.

Or another way of saying it – Steve is the brains and Damon is the brawn 😉

Press play to discover how this model transformed my life (and how it can help you)


Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll discover with the Transforming Yourself product:


Video 1 The power of self-concept Video

20:56 NASA’s “Moonwalk Strategy” is vital to building a strong and durable self-esteem

1:37 Can’t change your beliefs? Not so! Tune into this set of beliefs you’re changing every day without even trying

7:45 How changing this one element of your “mental map” can make sweeping changes in your life

8:29 CAUTION – Don’t go changing your self-concept aka identity willy-nilly (you can end up far worse…here’s the simple solution)

15:37 Best way to change a behavior is to get to the root cause, right? WRONG! Try “dancing around the issue” like this…and it will naturally clean itself up

29:35 The secret to making positive changes stick for good with the “NLP AMNESIA” pattern (relax, its a simple writing exercise)


Video 2 Elements of a healthy self-concept


4:41 Affirmations are useless, right? WRONG! They’re powerless unless you can stop the “divide and conquer” thought virus

8:42 How to spot the “divide and conquer” conflicts before it hurls you down a path of destruction

13:24 “Do not try this at home…” – What a fumbling athlete can teach you about a healthy self-concept

16:31 “NLP is manipulative” is the biggest complaint. Do you know what the next biggest complaint is?

21:31 The common mistake that can toss you into mid-life crisis overdrive

40:19 The secret to spotting a narcissist – can they pass the Jim Jones “sniff test”?



November 13, 2017

Profound Somnambulism with Stephanie Conkle

On this interview we’ve got the topic of deep trance.  Stephanie Conkle and I join forces to talk about her ground-breaking Profound Somnambulism protocol.

Let’s clear the air before we go any further.  Her approach is much more than just a really deep level of trance.

It’s a highly effective way of getting quality information from a clients subconscious WITHOUT clunky ideomotor signals.

Say whaaaat?

Yep.  Listen to the interview below for the details.

Want to check the Profound Somnambulism interview on Youtube?

Stephanie is running a huge special for my audience right now.  Normally this bad boy costs $375!

But not today…nope, not on my watch.

She’s agreed to give you a 20% discount!  So when its all said and done?  You’re getting your copy for only $300 instead of $375.

So get your hands on the Profound Somnambulism Protocol (Use PEREZ for your discount code).

NOTE: This discount only goes till the end of November.


July 14, 2017

Scott Sandland on his humble beginnings

We’ve got the man of the hour, Scott Sandland.  If you’re part of the hypnosis / NLP community you know who he is.  Or at least you should.

He’s part of the driving force behind Hypnothoughts (and Hypnothoughts Live).

Let’s jump right into the meat of the podcast.  I don’t have time to waffle about…why?  ‘cuz I’m going on vacation to Michigan 😀

What will I discover in this interview?

Glad you asked young padawan.

You’re about to stumble on:

Watch in disgust as I trigger an anchor related to Hypnothoughts Live [57:30]

What does a sugar filled carrot cake have to do with addiction recovery [00:23]

How a personal tragedy lit a fire under Scott’s ass…and gave birth to Hypnothoughts (and eventually Hypnothoughts Live) [2:51]

Why Scott has to pay people to acknowledge him in public [4:29]

FINALLY REVEALED: Why Scott was ready to camp outside of an NGH convention in an RV [7:26]

How to get two free nights at the New Orleans [10:43]

What is this simple physical prop everyone gets at Hypnothoughts Live that prevents ego’s from taking over? [14:37]

GOOD VIBRATIONS: What do sex toys have to do with Hypnosis (its nothing to do with Erotic Hypnosis) [51:32]

Why Scott thought of me as “a caveman” for a few years (and how Hypnothoughts Live changed this) [19:22]

Discover the exact reason Scott has kept himself humble (besides telling people he’s humble) [3:35]

Uncover the main thing Doctors and Lawyers have that we don’t have yet…(hypnothoughts is helping to fuel this fire) [23:58]

How Scott is changing the landscape of Hypnosis training…and keeping one foot ahead of the politicians trying to regulate us out of existence [44:12]

What an 8th grader learning algebra can teach us about common sense regulations [51:16]

Finish this sentence “I probably wouldn’t like Richard Barker if I ______” [22:57]

Can you correctly guess which State has the dumbest laws on Hypnosis (according to Scott?) [48:33]

Keeping up with tradition: Discover why I may or may not be wearing a bra at Hypnothoughts Live [58:54]

Uncover the meaning behind “Hypnothoughts Live happens once a year, but hypnothoughts happens everyday” [9:17]

What never to do while gambling at the Hypnothoughts Live conference [57:25]

Sooooo get your butt registered for Hypnothoughts Live… if you haven’t done so already.

Want to check the Scott Sandland interview on Youtube?


Are you interested in joining us at Hypnothoughts Live?  Jump aboard the train.

Now it’s off to vacation I go 😀

July 11, 2017

how to make a positive shift at hypnothoughts live

Who do we have on the podcast?  None other than Jess Marion.  Let’s just say that I’ve fallen in love with her work over the past few years.

We first met each other on Hypnothoughts (and via some Skype Hypnosis group chats).

Her, along with Shawn Carson and Sarah Carson, are always dropping some great nuggets of wisdom on us.

Her upcoming Hypnothoughts Live pre-conference workshop The Shift is no stranger to this.

Who is madly in love with Jess’s ground-breaking work…and who was lucky enough to get her to join me on the podcast.

All jokes aside…

Let me remind you that Hypnothoughts Live is right around the corner (August 25th, 26th and 27th).  If you’re not registered – get a fire under your bum bum.

“What will I learn when I listen to this interview?”

Glad you asked.  You’re about to stumble on:

The three things that keep your problems “glued together” (and how to break free from these problems once and for all) [10:31]

The 3 “modes of being” that you’ll live your life in (and how to get the most use out of them)

The #1 secret to creating massive shifts in your thoughts and behaviors (that hypnosis trainers don’t want you to know about) [12:39]

The mistake that even experienced hypnotists make that kills their personal development…and how Jess and the rest of the gang will use a simple technique to bypass this all together! (Imagine achieving your goals in an effortless manner) [13:35]

How every single hypnotic intervention affects us on a deep level (no matter how big or how small) [13:47]

How The Shift Pre-Conference workshop will push you to the edge between comfort and growth (and then well beyond both) [6:52]

Discover how the illusion of reality is a double edged sword (you’ll stumble on the fine line between progress and chaos) [14:06]

Why street hypnotists need to avoid her Hypnothoughts Pre-workshop like the plague [14:29]

Discover the “Triple F” method that will transform you from the inside out during this two day event [21:20]

You should never doubt yourself or your abilities, right?  WRONG! Discover exactly why being uncertain is the key to change [5:45]

Tune in as we apply some major peer pressure to get you to come to hypnothoughts live (rest assured everyone is welcome.  They even allowed Ken Guzzo to show up) [23:24]

Hebbs Law is so 1949 (Discover exactly how their post-conference workshop is moving light years beyond Hebbs Law) [24:49]

Discover the neuroscience that’s at the core of ALL changework (and how to hijack this simple principle) [25:26]

Discover exactly why this specific type of metaphor works for pretty much everyone under the sun [26:29]

Can’t decide which workshops to attend during Hypnothoughts Live?  Listen to the crazy ass idea I propose to Jess [32:20]

Check out The Shift workshop at Hypnothoughts Live.

Want to check the Hypnothoughts Live interview on Youtube?



July 5, 2017

Melissa Tiers on integrative addictions solutions

I finally managed to get an interview with Melissa Tiers.  We dove into the subject of addictions.

More importantly, integrative addiction solutions.  Which her talk at Hypnothoughts Live is about.

If you don’t know who Melissa Tiers is, you need to get up close and personal with her material.

She’s mos def a move and shaker in our profession.

If you want to work with anxiety and or addictions she should be at the forefront of your mind.

We’ll get to the podcast in just a second.  First things first, let’s go over what we cover in this podcast:

Watch Melissa fly off the handle into one of her infamous F-Bomb rants over what I said about addicts in recovery – (I quickly changed my mind about this) [26:45]

Discover the religion she was most drawn to because of the ritual and occult aspect (HINT – its not Christianity) [2:53]

Aversion therapy doesn’t work for addictions, right?  WRONG!  Discover how aversion can therapy can work in *some* cases (you’ll get up close and personal with how “aversion therapy” made Antonio drop booze overnight) [16:10]

Uncover the art and science of stopping cravings dead in their tracks with these 7 virtually bullet-proof techniques [20:29]

When you should be the biggest cheerleader for 12 step programs (and when you should not) [31:46]

Watch in horror as Melissa busts out laughing when I tell her about my “allergic reaction” to alcohol [15:52]

Is this the single biggest mistake most 12 step programs have skipped over? (Most hypnotists also skip over this – except for Scott Sandland and Melissa) [33:11]

The amazing 3-step system Melissa uses to help addicts to discover true freedom from addictions [21:01]

The one thing she does to relax her students…that almost got her in hot water at Hypnothoughts Live two years ago (heads were spinning at the Alligator bar!) [8:58]

The mistake that 12 step programs usually make that kills people’s chance for recovery…and one simple thing you can do that will ensure their success (Imagine your clients screaming THIS IS SPARTA as they kick their addictions to the curb once and for all! [25:15]

Want to check the Melissa Tiers interview on Youtube?

Here at the details for her upcoming Addictions pre-conference workshop at Hypnothoughts Live 2017:

Click here to check her pre-conference workshop out

July 3, 2017

World Wide Transformational Summit

In this podcast I kick it with Laura J Worley from the free World Wide Transformational Summit taking place JULY 8TH – 17TH, 2017.

Let’s not doddle.  Let’s jump into what you’ll discover when you listen to this podcast (and what you’ll learn when you attend this free event):

Discover the tested and proven 5 step system from Melissa Tiers for helping with anxiety and addictions (including the amazing “water bottle” trick) [14:09]

The eyes are the windows to the soul…and the key to freedom from anxiety? [15:05]

How this unconscious activity can get you dragged into jail…and what to do right now to avoid this before its too late [3:33]

How getting the upgraded World Wide Transformational Summit will boost your results ten-fold [5:48]

Watch us bust out laughing because of this “technical difficulty” 6:55

How Laura first heard about John Overdurf, Melissa Tiers, and Mike Mandel [13:35]

The unconscious messages in a letter that can clue this master hypnotist to the real issues they’re clients are dealing with [4:26]

Tune into the reason why grabbing this part of your body can trigger relaxation instantly [16:30]

Stumble on the exact question to ask yourself to get the most out of the free World Wide Transformational Summit [26:02]

Are you treating your loved ones like this everyday object many of us struggle to hold onto? (If so, STOP NOW) [27:23]

Discover what I mean when I say “NLP with a little warmness to it” to describe this Hypnosis trainer that is a speaker at the summit [2:56]

Introducing John Overdurf’s legendary “Beyond Goals” framework (including a simple way to shake off weak goals before you waste years of time and money investing in them) [13:02]

Plus much much more!

Want to check the World Wide Transformational Summit interview on Youtube?

Hopefully by now you’ve already made the decision to register for this free event.  Go ahead and register – I’ll wait.

What?  Still not convinced?  Ok, let’s take a look at just 4 of the 23 people presenting.

She’s got 4 of the worlds top hypnosis trainers:

The World Wide Transformational summit has Richard Bandler talking about how to be happy.  He also dives into how we should be teaching children in the public school system.

Register for this free event


Next up we’ve got Melissa Tiers.  If you don’t know Melissa Tiers – PAY ATTENTION.  Her approach is a powerhouse.

I was lucky enough to interview her today about her approach to working with anxiety and addiction (subscribe to the newsletter below to get instant access to that podcast when I publish it).

Register for this free event


John Overdurf is legendary in the hypnosis and NLP communities.  His approaches and teaching style is very unique.

In his talk he goes over the topic of creating rock-solid goals.

Register for this free event


What kind of personal development workshop would be complete without our favorite Canadian hypnotist?

Yep, that’s right.  They managed to get Mike Mandel on the conference.  He’s gonna be covering a ton of material.

Register for this free event

July 1, 2017

The Magic Of Metaphor by Michael Watson

Are you worried that you can’t create effective and powerful metaphors?  Or maybe you’re wanting to get better?  If so, you may be interested in this interview with Michael Watson.  We talked about his upcoming Magic Of Metaphor Workshop at Hypnothoughts Live 2017.

I always have a BLAST when I get a chance to talk to Michael.  He’s got a great sense of humor (it’s cheesy like mine).  If you want to learn a great skill set from an amazing trainer, he’s your man.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll discover in this interview (and what he’ll cover in his workshop):

There’s no one-size-fits all metaphor, right?  WRONG!  Discover the type of metaphor that’ll take down even the most monster-sized problems [40:38]

Introducing the amazing “metaphor mix up” game that’ll have you cranking out transformational gems almost instantly…by messing up on purpose? [24:34]

Are you making these deadly mistake when it comes to telling stories (don’t worry, it can be overcome…as long as you catch it early on) [13:15]

The type of metaphors Michael Watson painfully shys away from [19:04]

How Milton Erickson used a story about this common every day food to help a patient in extreme pain [14:13]

Watch my mind get blown away as Michael talks about a little-known physical artifact of hypnosis history (and what this has to do with metaphors) [41:02]

How a well known NLP trainer from the 1980’s would escape to the bathroom to whip up powerful metaphors for their clients [17:23]

Why doing less actual storytelling is essential to creating even more powerful metaphors [19:41]

How a metaphorical description of a weight loss procedure can help people to keep the pounds off [30:51]

A simple (yet effective) way to use a common metaphysical tool to create symbolic “meanings” [23:39]

A psychological thriller from 19557 that dabbles in the power of hypnosis and metaphors to reverse multiple personality disorder [32:26]

Get a first hand look at Michael’s no-fail strategy for extracting a clients metaphor (this is not fluff and theory…this a time tested and proven strategy) [51:46]

Why you can completely mess up a metaphor and still come out on top [37:10]

Watch in horror as Michael uses a metaphor about male genitalia to describe some hypnosis training’s (ear muffs kids) [43:17]

4 ground-breaking ways to creating powerful changes with metaphors (the 4th way is rarely ever covered in metaphor workshops) [51:46]

Plus much much more!

Want to check the Magic of metaphor interview on Youtube?

We talked about his upcoming Magic Of Metaphor Workshop at Hypnothoughts Live 2017.

June 29, 2017

Kevin Lepine is waging a war on bullshit hypnosis claims

Dear friends,

If you’re sick of hypnosis conferences that are full of fluff and marketing hype…then this is going to be most important podcast you ever listen to.

Why?  Simple.

Kevin Lepine and I talk about his upcoming No Bull Hypnosis conference.

What makes Kevin Lepine’s conference unique?  For starters its the only hypnosis conference where every single presenter has their claims vetted 100%

If they say they’re running a full time hypnosis practice…they had to be able to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt to Kevin.

If they say they’re “killing” as stage hypnotist, guess what?  They need to back up their claims by showing Kevin their contracts.

The conference takes place Feb 9th, 10th and 11th at the Binions Casino in Las Vegas.

Registration is $350 Before June 30
$479 From July 1 – Oct 1
$599 From Oct 2 – Feb 1

Head on over to Www.nobullhypnosis.com

Here’s a sneak preview of what we dug into onto the podcast below:

What every single presenter had to show Kevin BEFORE he’d even entertain the idea of letting them present (no other conference does this) (38:57)

Why Kevin encourages Stage and clinical hypnotists to step out of their “safe spaces” at the No Bull Hypnosis conference (44:48)

Watch Kevin’s eyes spin back in his head when I ask him this silly question about stage hypnosis safety (45:16)

WARNING – Are you the type of hypnotist who shouldn’t attend the No Bull Hypnosis conference? (1:00:31)

How you could make a few hundred buckaroos a day doing street hypnosis (if you’re willing to make this sacrifice) (59:02)

Watch Kevin make me eat my words about being able to make money with street hypnosis (53:46)

What do the top 3 stage hypnosis acts so about over lunch (hint – it ain’t hypnosis) (1:02:37)

The simple reason why doing high school and college shows isn’t better than headlining a Vegas stage show (it goes both ways) (38:09)

Want to check the no bull hypnosis conference interview on Youtube?


June 26, 2017

The CIA Pattern

So what the hell is the CIA Pattern?  Let’s just say, its a game changer.  A few of us hypno geeks were lucky enough to get a taste of it at Hypnothoughts Live last year.  The first time I experienced the CIA Pattern…I was blown away!  It’s a great way to dabble with modeling with Hypnosis.

It’s a powerful NLP pattern created by Sarah Carson and Shawn Carson.

sarah carson nlp patternIn this podcast I shoot the shit with Sarah Carson about the CIA Pattern (amazon link).  It’s a modern day take on Napoleon Hill’s Cabinet of Invisible advisors.

Long story short?  Napoleon Hill would have conversations with many great people from the past.  Many whom were dead.

Was he summoning the dead?  Was he dabbling in the dark arts?

Nope.  The truth is far more boring (unless you geek out on this kind of stuff…wink wink nudge nudge).  He was having imaginary conversations with these people while deep in trance.

As you’ll soon discover in this podcast with Sarah Carson…Her and her husband had a spark of genius!

Here’s a sneak preview of what we cover in this interview:

  • What Nicola Tesla has to do with the CIA Pattern 17:40
  • Tune into why the inspiration for the CIA Pattern sounds schizophrenic 20:17
  • Watch my face light up with joy as Sarah talks to the younger me in trance 30:15
  • Watch as a full blown parts negotiation takes place while I’m deep in trance 34:48
  • The simple “WOW Technique” in the CIA Pattern that caused me to belt out “RAW POWER!” while deep in trance 52:20
  • Watch as she runs the CIA Pattern on me…

Want to check the CIA Pattern interview on Youtube?

Their CIA Pattern workshop at Hypnothoughts Live last year was top notch.  As a matter of fact, it was one of my favorites of last year.  Hands down!

I wasn’t joking in this podcast when I said I didn’t want to come back from that trance.  For those of you that weren’t lucky enough to be there in person…we’ve got the next best thing.

Here’s what you’ll discover when you you grab a copy of The CIA Pattern:

  • How Alexander the Great tapped into the legendary hero Achilles with something very similar to the CIA Pattern [pg 10]
  • You can’t benefit from being in a room of evil villains, right?  WRONG!  Discover how being a fly on the wall in a room full of super villains can help you to transform yourself [pg 145]
  • Tap into the closely guarded secret the Ancient Greeks almost took to their grave about conflict resolution…(the best part?  it works in and outside of trance) [pg 10]
  • Come face-to-face with a critical mistake an editor made…that almost prevented Napoleon Hill from writing about his CIA technique [pg 11]
  • The amazing “Hypnotic Interview” that guarantees your modelling session will run smooth as silk [pg 54]
  • must have tools to get the most out of any modelling session / project [Chapter 9]
  • Flip to chapter 10 to discover how to hijack your dreams to make positive changes while you sleep
  • 3 essential ingredients for getting the CIA Pattern (and any other NLP pattern) to work right from the get go [pg 31]
  • The 4 basic skills you need to solve problems (and come up with solutions) with the CIA Pattern [pg 37]
  • They’re virtually fool-proof way to send yourself tripping head over heels into a deep self hypnosis trance [pg 41]
  • Meet the scientific discover from the 1940’s that’s a real life game changer when it comes to hypnosis and modelling [pg 29]
  • The real world mistake that trips up even the best of us when it comes to visualizations…straight from the University of California [pg 32]
  • How the accidental Monkey See Monkey Do” discovery in the 1990’s explains much of what we do as hypnotists [pg 26]
  • The single biggest secret to getting modelling to work in the real world (hint – it comes from the mouth of an Ivy League college) [pg 24]
  • What does tying your shoe laces have to do with running the CIA Pattern (and pretty much EVERYTHING we do) [pg 23]
  • Discover wow an assassinated President “came back to life” to inspire Napoleon Hill to teach people his CIA technique [pg 12]
  • And finally – How an ancient Middle Eastern pagan practice will make the CIA Pattern spring to life…and have a lasting and deep impact on your life [pg 122]
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