June 14, 2017

Solution Oriented Hypnosis with Bill Ohanlon

Ever since I got my hands on Bill Ohanlon’s A Guide To Trance Land, I fell in love with his work.  Primarily his approach to solution oriented work.  In a nutshell, solution oriented therapies focus on finding solutions, rather than solving problems.

It’s often seen as a radical approach.

Recently I had the chance to interview Bill Ohanlon.  Aside from being a swell guy, he’s also a trailblazer in the hypnosis world.

Have fun digging into this interview.

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Want to check the Solution oriented hypnosis interview on Youtube?

  • Why the Milton Erickson foundation BANNED him from speaking at their conference for ALMOST 20 years! 7:42
  • Discover the exact question you can ask yourself (or any client) to uncover the step-by-step actions you need to take…to solve damn near any problem! 29:37
  • Watch Bill light up when I give him my description of a solution oriented trance…(“that was one of the best descriptions of a solution oriented trance“) 30:47
  • The single best question to help you create “fertile soil” for a solution oriented self hypnosis trance 27:23
  • Discover what Bill and I have in common (besides are charming wit and good looks)…(hint: it has to do with being black balled by the Erickson foundation) 7:20
  • Hypnosis is all about suggestions, right?  WRONG!  Discover why Bill threw the idea of delivering suggestions in the trash a long time ago…(it’s not about suggestions, its about this) 11:05
  • Bill talks about the phone call from Milton Erickson in 1977 that changed the direction of his life forever 2:34
  • Uncover the exact reason Bill chose to study with Bandler & Grinder BEFORE he studied with Milton Erickson 4:10
  • A powerful “roadmap” he unleashed on the world in 2009 that is a goldmine to any hypnosis practitioner…it lays everything on the line in regards to “trance logic” 8:20
  • Get a front row seat as Bill sends me tripping head over heels into trance…just by telling a story about Milton Erickson’s wife 35:51
  • The 4 wickedly effective ways to send yourself into a trance deeper than Donald Trump’s pockets 37:14
  • The exact moment I discovered what people mean when they say “the unconscious can’t tell the difference between a real and imagined event”…and the exact steps I used to get there 41:27
  • What caused Bill to become a “psychotically optimistic” hypnotist in regards to a person’s ability to change 43:49
  • And finally…Discover why a therapist slapped a label of PTSD on him…and why this has caused him to reduce his training to once a year (this is a good thing) 34:47
June 13, 2017

Hypnotic Storytelling with James Hazelrig

Dear friend,

If you’d like to tell wildly hypnotic stories – and you’re coming to Hypnothoughts Live this summer – then you’re gonna want to check out this interview with James Hazelrig.

Who is James Hazelrig?  Long story short – one bad mama jama when it comes to storytelling.  He’s also a master at delivering covert suggestions via stories.

How do I know?  I know first hand about his powerful (yet mischievous ways).  Keep reading and I’ll let you in on a little secret about James.

I picked his brain about Hypnotic Storytelling…and we talked briefly about:

* Hypnothoughts live (and why you should go)

* Why I may or may not be wearing a coconut bra at Hypnothoughts Live

* What honey mead has to do with hypnotic storytelling

* and some other stuff

You can discover more about his upcoming talk at Hypnothoughts Live

Remember how I said I’d let you in on a little secret about Jame’s tricky (and powerful) ways?

Here goes:

During one of his storytelling workshops 2 years ago at Hypnothoughts Live…James had his merry way with my unconscious.  His powerful stories he told that day helped me to make a life long change.

Want to know what that change was?  Click the play button below to discover what this powerful change is

Want to check the Hypnotic Storytelling interview on Youtube?

Seriously, if you haven’t been to Hypnothoughts Live…what’s been stopping you?  It’s very quickly becoming the talk of the town.

Make sure to check out Jame’s pre workshop on Hypnotic Storytelling


June 10, 2017

My healing journey at Hypnothoughts Live with Ken Guzzo

This podcast is an update from my healing journey with Ken Guzzo at Hypnothoughts Live last year.

I was lucky enough to be chosen as a demo subject for his 4 hour talk. This was a demo of something known as Prime Potential. Before we dive too deep into this podcast…let me just say that I’m about as skeptical as they come.

Ken Guzzo didn’t let me down.

Without going into the gory details, he helped me to unshed a lot of emotional baggage I’ve been holding onto over the years. There was one specific memory that seemed to be dragging me down quite a bit. In the matter of about two hours we were able to bring myself into an emotional state where I was literally buzzing with freedom.

The only way to describe it was a feeling of freedom and stepping into my true authentic self.

Listen to the interview below to discover what happened to me since this demo at Hypnothoughts Live 2016.

Want to check the Ken Guzzo interview on Youtube?

What’s Ken Guzzo up to at Hypnothoughts Live 2017?

He’s finally lifting the curtain on his ground-breaking “Guzzo Protocol” that is the backbone that allows him to charge $595 per smoking cessation session.  He’s also running a workshop with Martin Peterson called Hypnotic Excellence.

And last but not least – make sure to register for Hypnothoughts Live


April 13, 2017

Bulletproof Hypnotic Convincers at Hypnothoughts Live

What if there was a damn-near fool proof way to convince even the most hardened skeptic about the power of Hypnosis?

And no, we’re not talking on an intellectual level. We’re talking the kind of gut level instincts where you know something amazing has happened.

Well, look no further. Martin Peterson is introducing his new baby Virtually Bulletproof Hypnotic Convincers at Hypnothoughts Live 2017.

“What if I already know convincers?

Hold up partna’.  You don’t know convincers like this.  This is an entirely new way to approach convincers – using some old school techniques…with a nice dash of some innovations.

This is a brand new recipe created by Martin.  Let’s take a closer look at the recipe in the video below:

Want to check the Hypnotic Convincers interview on Youtube?

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn when you take Martin’s Virtually Bulletproof Convincers Workshop:

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April 8, 2017

How to sell more hypnosis products online

What if there was a way to sell more of your hypnosis products?  Well, you’re in luck.

In this interview, Jason Linett reveals a few ways to sell more of your products online.

He dishes up a few solid ways to sell hypnosis products online.

“Is this going to be more of the same old same old?

Great question.  And the answer is no.  Jason is known for being the “hypnosis business guinea pig.”  Meaning he won’t suggest you to do something that he hasn’t already tried.

And the best part?  He’s teaching his system in Las Vegas to finish off Hypnothoughts Live 2017

What better way to finish an amazing hypnosis conference?

Want to check the Jason Linett interview on youtube?

Want to discover what you’ll get your hands on at Jason’s Hypnosis Products – click his “come at me bro” face below



P.S. Wanna learn how to sell more of your products? Drop your name and email below and you’ll get your hands on my free Ebook “How To Sell Your Hypnosis Products And Fill Your Training’s Online Almost Instantly”

November 24, 2016

Hypnotic Language Mastery Review with Keith Livingston

How would you like to tap into the raw power of hypnotic language patterns?

We’re not sure how being able weave hypnotic language patterns into your conversations sounds…but to the rest of us, it sounds like a no brainer.

Keith Livingston and I recorded a podcast about Hypnotic Language Patterns.  Enjoy!

Want to check this Hypnotic Language Patterns interview on youtube?

I reached out to Keith Livingston to review his Hypnotic Language Mastery program.  It teaches the nuts and bolts of Hypnotic language patterns:

  • The milton model patterns
  • metaphor creation from stem to stearn
  • and the elusive slight of mouth patterns

Buckle your seat up because we’ve got a story for you. Its a familiar story and it usually goes like this:

You’ve been reading about hypnotic language patterns. You’ve also thought how you’d use them in your everyday life. And perhaps you’ve imagined these patterns flowing smoothly like honey from your mouth.

That is until its game time. Right when you’re going to wow someone with your hypnotic language skills (hopefully without them knowing) you start to choke up a bit.

It begins with a feeling of sheer terror exploding in your chest. You freeze in your tracks like a deer caught in the headlights.

And soon you’re drowning in a sea of negative thoughts that are hammering away at you:

“Am I going to sound like an idiot?”
“What if they catch me?!?”

But you push on with the hope it’ll work itself out…but it doesn’t…and you fall flat on your face.

Listen up.  We’ve all been there.  In a moment you’re going to hear how I used some of these patterns at a sales job I used to have.

But first things first…lets

Uncover Hypnotic Language Patterns That Send Anyone Tripping Head Over Heels Into Trance

That’s what makes this product so damn good.

Every single aspect of hypnotic language is covered.

Lets dive into what you’ll discover:

  • The 5 words that cause almost immediate action – page 13 of the Milton Model manual
  • One sneaky way to plant a seed of belief in anyone’s mind – pg 14 
  • You should never withhold information from people such as your spouse, right? WRONG! Discover one of the few times you need to keep your mouth shut! – pg 24
  • How to flood a persons mind with your intended outcomes – pg 16 
  • Tap into the raw power of embedded commands by making this one specific change in your voice – pg 27

  • How to appear as though you’ve got genuine “psychic powers”. This will get you instant rapport with damn near everyone…or make them scramble in fear! – audio lesson 2 of the Milton Model 
  • Send anyone tripping head over heels into trance with any of these 21 words (HINT: These words are daydream trigger words that’ll cause anyone to turn inwards into trance) – pg 22
  • Discover how to deliver wickedly effective embedded commands (without getting caught or sounding creepy) – audio lesson 10 
  • Force anyones unconscious to come out of hiding and say yes automatically…with this 3 step sequence…it’ll grease the tracks so you can deliver almost any suggestion – pg 10 of (audio lesson 1)
  • The quickest way hands down to make anyone’s unconscious “loose as a goose”…and ready to follow your suggestions. (Most people are blown away at how simple this language pattern is) – pg 41 
  • Plus much much more!

You might be wondering “How much and where do I sign up?”

Glad you asked….

Lets just say if you’ve spent over $1000 on any kind of training…this ground-breaking program will be worth at least $499 to you…

And it only costs $169.0!  That’s like getting more than double the value for half the price.

—> Grab a copy here <—

And if you’re still not convinced yet? In that case lets

Discover How To Gain Access Through The Backdoor With Metaphors

How’d you like to feel like you’re in a closed doors meeting with Milton Erickson himself?

You’re gonna get up close and personal with insider information such as:

  • How America’s favorite past time solved a young mans problem almost over night.  pg 8 of the Metaphor & Advanced  Metaphor manual
  • Got a stuck client? Discover the question to light a fire under their butts – pg 10 
  • What a shoe lace can teach you about hypnotic storytelling – audio lesson 5 of Metaphor & Advanced  Metaphor
  • The sneaky 6 word question that will reveal the exact metaphors to use with your clients.  pg 8 
  • How to crack-the-code of metaphorical submodality shifts…pg 14 & audio lesson 8

  • The amazing “lock and key” trick to coming up with a picture perfect metaphor almost every time with ease.  pg 8 & audio lesson 6
  • WARNING – If your metaphors are missing these 3 things, then you’re committing career suicide. (And your sessions are being robbed of their power.) – Page 9
  • 5 wickedly effective ways to tap into the explosive power of hypnotic metaphors (and keep your clients engaged) pg 10
  • The truth about anchoring people with metaphors 
  • What pasta and metaphors have in common (HINT: It has everything to do with nested loops) audio lesson 10

  • The amazing “shifting gears” metaphor that’ll fly under the radar and clear the fog of almost any issue – pg’s 13 & 14 (fast forward to 2:54 on audio lesson 8)


  • What a salsa dancer can teach you about creating powerful metaphors. (Stop guessing…it has nothing to do with rhythm.) audio lesson 12
  • The little-known secret to trigger amnesia with metaphors is this 4 word sentence. CAUTION: Don’t listen to this while driving or operating heavy machinery – audio lesson 9
  • And finally – The breakthrough “connect-the-dots” NLP pattern that automatically connects the metaphor to the problem – pg 17

This program is only $169. Which makes this a no brainer.

If you’re ready, grab a copy of this program.

If you still need some convincing…well keep on reading…

Kick Negative Beliefs To The Curb With…

The Slight Of Mouth Patterns.

You’ll get a world class education on conversational belief change.


  • The #1 way to shift a monster-sized problem to a grain of sand in their hand…HINT: It was everything to do with reframing the size of the issue. Pg 14 / audio module 6
  • The virtually bulletproof “pin the tail on the donkey” pattern to cause a belief to implode. CAUTION – Don’t be freaked out if they get that deer in the headlights look. Pg 15 & audio lesson 7
  • If you’re presented with a huge negative belief a client can’t seem to overcome…here’s how to cut it down to size (This reminds me of that joke…how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a
    time 😀 ) – pg 16
  • Here’s a freebie – The “consequence pattern” pattern that’ll keep a client from barreling down the tracks to a painful future – Ask them “What will happen if you continue to believe X” – audio lesson 10

  • You shouldn’t make a big deal out of small issues, right?
    ! Discover the one time you owe it to your clients to make a mountain out of a molehill – pg 16
  • The two types of limiting beliefs the slight of mouth patterns work best on – pg 8
  • WARNING – You’ll fall flat on your face with the slight of mouth patterns if you don’t have this key ingredient – pg 11
  • The 6 often overlooked ways to boost the raw but ready slight of mouth patterns – pg 11
  • You should always try to make every situation a win / win situation, right? WRONG! Discover the one time when you should throw the towel in and walk away – pg 11
  • The sneaky secret weapon used by sinister politicians to cover up their tracks…and throw you off the real issues

Which reminds me of a quick story about the sales job mentioned earlier.  Lets get cracking.

I was at a job where I signed people up for timeshare sales presentations.

Its hard as hell to convince people to sit through a 2 hour high pressure presentation.

Once people here the word timeshare their defenses shoot up like a missile.

I couldn’t manage to get anyone signed up for a timeshare presentation.  Rent was coming up and I was at the end of my rope.

So I tried this “secret weapon” used by politicians.  It goes like this – “The issue isn’t X, its Y which means Z”

“I don’t have enough time to do a 2 hour timeshare presentation while I’m on vacation.”

“Perhaps the issue isn’t that you don’t have enough time, maybe its that you haven’t found a vacation company that values your time as an individual, which means you can look forward to how you’ll be treated during your presentation.”

They agreed and booked the presentation on the spot. BOOM!

I was speechless

The redefine pattern is only a small piece of the puzzle you’re about to get your hands on.  Let’s continue:

  • The single easiest way to change a persons imagery…and map of the world…without coming across cold as ice and rude – pg 14
  • The 6 often overlooked ways to boost the raw but ready slight of mouth patterns – pg 11
  • CAUTION: Don’t fall into the trap of taking what a client says at face value. And discover the secret question to uncover the true limiting belief – audio lesson 4
  • The 2 unique ways to gently uproot a limiting belief…and toss it to the wind. (You’re going to be blown away at how simple these are.) – pg 13
  •  PLUS! The single easiest way to change a persons imagery…and map of the world…without coming across cold as ice and rude – audio lesson 6

Well, there you have it.

April 16, 2016

Jason Linett at Hypnothoughts Live

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to learn how to take your Hypnosis practice to the next level – then this is going to be the most exciting thing you ever read.

Here’s why:

I interviewed Jason Linett of Work Smart Hypnosis and the creator of the upcoming Hypnotic Business Mastery.  We talked about a few simple ways you can increase your business – without  working yourself half to death…or passing out business cards that are going to be thrown away.

Before we get to the meat of the podcast – I’d like to mention his ground-breaking workshop coming up this August at Hypnothoughts Live:

Hypnotic Business Mastery – The Six-Figure Blueprint for Your Success (2 Days)
August 23-24, 2016


Ok, lets move on.

First things first Listen to this podcast

Here is a sneak preview:

* How to use an “everyday saying” to punch up your sales copy and sell more

* Stumble upon the exact way to use move towards or move away motivation styles in your sales copy

* Discover how to attract weight loss clients with 3 words (not 2…not 4 or 5…but only three words!)

* What can professional wresting (or is it wrastlin’?) can teach you about running a successful private practice.  Seriously, no joke.

* Running a successful Hypnosis practice is hard work, right? WRONG! Discover how a simple game will double your income

* The single-easiest thing to do if you fall in the trap of “Marketing is hard and I’m not a business person”

Want to check this Jason Linette interview on youtube?


P.S. Wanna take your business to the next level?  Check out Jason’s

Hypnotic Business Mastery – The Six-Figure Blueprint for Your Success (2 Days)
August 23-24, 2016


December 11, 2015

What Makes Copywriter Chris Haddad Thinks Mel Gibson Is A “Good Guy”?

Yep – Chris said Mel Gibson (the alcoholic Jew Hatin’ racist) was a good guy. Any idea why he would say that?

Listen to the podcast below…

By the time you finish listening to this podcast, 1 of 2 things will happen:

You will either love Chris Haddad, or you will hate him.

Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger.

Not sure who Chris “Mr. Money Finger’s” Haddad is?

He’s a direct response copywriter.  “Um, what?” I can hear stirring up in your head.

Simply put, he writes marketing material.  He is a man of many words. (some of them 4 letter words)

What is isn’t is a douchebag “Goo Roo”, that will suck your wallet dry.

Want to discover how to make piles of cash with copywriting?

First things first Listen to this podcast

Here is a sneak preview:

* How to write emotional sales copy (without sounding like a whiny bi#$h)

* You should research your niche up and down, right?  WRONG! Use his amazing “Peeping Tom” technique instead to dominate a niche, and knock the socks off of your customers.

* The single best book to learn emotional copywriting from (Make sure to get the right copy.  There are thousands of incorrect versions)

* How to use his ground-breaking “Punch In The Gut” technique to write world class copy that will take people on an emotional roller-coaster spending spree!

* Its best to give people only one choice in your sales copy (buy or don’t buy), right?  WRONG! – Use the amazing “Crossroads Close” technique to get them to buy what you are selling.

* WARNING: Are you destroying your chances of getting any sales by NOT being in this mindset while you are writing?

* A sneaky little way that shoe laces will make you more sales (surprised even Chris)

* And finally, last, but not least – Here is the specific reason why Chris Haddad believes Mel Gibson is a good guy (yeah, the racist Mel Gibson).  This surprised even me…until I realized he was totally right.


Want to check this Chris Haddad interview on youtube?



November 4, 2015

lorrie morgan ferrero on red hot copy

It took me a while to secure an interview with Lorrie Morgan Ferrero.

She’s not a Hypnotist – yet her words are Hypnotic.

Let me explain – Lorrie produces red hot copy – aka persuasive writing that convinces people to do things.

More than likely it is to buy stuff.

She’s got a unique style.  Not hype-y (that even a word?) and masculine fueled sales copy that screams:


Its actually the complete opposite.  Its heavy on the emotional storytelling.

On the podcast Lorrie Morgan Ferrero reveals:


* The direct marketing LEGEND you should not eat with (never). Has nothing to do with his manners.

* How losing out on a copywriting job turned her into a A-Lister copywriter.

* A tragic event in 1999 that changed her life (and thousands of others Americans) forever

* The exact reason she’s a (horrible) actress. This makes her even better at writing copy.

* What sets her apart from her male counterparts that allow her writing to attract a wider audience.

* Why Lorries clients are stunned by the results she gets for them – its because of a “special” type of lizard.

* Discover why she said “Yeah, you’re going to piss some people off” (And why neither of us care)

* Get more women with Pick Up Artist tricks? WRONG! Do this instead (it also improves your copywriting – win win)

* A little-known trick she uses to “get in the mood” to write killer copy

* And much much mo’ (Yeah I know. Its cliche. Let me try one more bulletin’)

* But wait – theres more! click the video below


Want to check this Lorrie Morgan Ferrero interview on youtube?


She’s got a free resource called

The 30 Day Storytelling Playground on Facebook.

Make sure to join.  Its a blast and a half!

Every day, for 30 days she posts a (totally random) picture in the group.  Then you write a 100 to 200 word story in like 15 minutes.  It gets really creative..and fast!

When the rubber meets the road – actual hands on practice makes you ready for the real world.  This storytelling game will do just this – without you having to lift more than a few fingers – to type that is.

P.S.  Just in case you couldn’t tell – her brand Red Hot Copy – its a play on words – and on her having red hair (red heads are amazing….amirite???)