July 10, 2014

Hypnotic Storytelling with James Hazlerig at Hypnothoughts Live

In this podcast I’m interviewing James Hazerling about Hypnotic Storytelling.  I first met James at Hypnothoughts live last June.

His hypnotic storytelling ability is amazing!  I was lucky enough to listen to his intricate story about an East Indian boy and an elephant.  We were all tranced out to lala land 😀

He also just released his Hypnotic Storytelling 5 mp3 audio product.  Trunk to Tale: Hypnotic Stories of Wisdom and Growth.

This 5 MP3 set of hypnotic stories is a bargain!  At only $9.99 you should be locked up because you’re stealing from him 😉

All jokes aside…10 bucks is what I would expect to pay just for the story about the East Indian boy and the Elephant.  Its that damn good!

Last but not least…If you haven’t registered for Hypnothoughts Live, what are you waiting for?  Its July 18th to the 20th.  Its going to be FREAKING AWESOME!

Click here to watch the Hypnotic Storytelling interview on youtube.

Hypnotic Storytelling live demonstration!

James is giving 2 talks at Hypnothoughts Live.  Both on Hypnotic storytelling.  Be there or be square – I’ll see you around 😉

Click this image below to learn more.

June 28, 2014

Video Sales Letter Formula interview with Jon Benson

video sales letter formula
This podcast is all about  a Video Sales Letter Formula.  Most of the podcasts I record are strictly about Hypnosis and NLP.  My other huge hobby (soon to be much more than that) is marketing.

So it only seemed fitting to interview Jon Benson.  Jon is one of the worlds top paid copywriters.

What is a copywriter you ask?  A person that writes words that get cash.

If you’re a life coach, Hypnotherapist / NLP practitioner, or anything similar you owe it to yourself and your customers to learn really effective marketing.

How can people benefit from your products and or services if you don’t market yourself effectively?

A good Video Sales Letter Formula can help you to do just that!

There is definitely some adult language / subject matter in this podcast.  You’ve been warned.

Click here to watch the Video Sales Letter Formula interview on youtube.

“Jeff Walker is such a pussy!”    ***CLICK TO TWEET***

Is this Video Sales Letter Formula still effective?

A good Video Sales Letter Formula is definitely still effective.  One of the most important things of an effective Video Sales Letter Formula is the pattern interrupt.  A pattern interrupt is basically when you interrupt a persons pattern.

Kind of like the Hypnotic Handshake.  A Hypnotic Handshake may start to become ineffective if its overused.  Especially on the same person!  If we all started to run around doing the handshake induction, it wouldn’t really be a surprise.

Its the same thing with video sales letters recently.  Jon actually talks about this and gives some insight on how to take care of the overused pattern interrupts with video sales letters.

>>Watch this FREE video to learn more about Video Sales Letters<<<

jon benson video sales letter formula

If you have any kind of products that you sell online – or plan on selling online…then Jon Benson’s VSL Generator will definitely help you to do this.

Jon Benson’s Video Sales Letter Formula will help you to:

  • Start selling more of your products without wasting thousands of dollars
  • Discover a few weird tricks to sell way more of your products before your competition can discover how you’re doing this
  • Automate your sales force…without having ANY sales people.  No sales people = more profits in your pockets
  • IMAGINE pushing your profits through the roofby using this ground breaking strategy…hint: Its not what you think! ***Video Module 10***
  • BLOW AWAY your competition without being ruthless.
  • Force your customers to watch your entire Video Sales Letters – by confusing your customers using this simple Hypnotic trick ***Video Module 1***
  • Uncover a weird psychology trick…to charge your customers even more money (and get them to thank you for this)


>>>Yes! I’d like to watch this free video<<<

video sales letter formula

“Simply put, Jon has come up with more cool ideas in the world of marketing than anyone I know. He gets results very few people can achieve, and he can teach others how to do the same. He taught me his ‘ugly VSL’ techniques, and we’ve used them ever since to make millions.”

— Ryan Deiss, DigitalMarketer.com

“Same list, same exact traffic. We went on from there to create the top product on Clickbank… as in ALL of Clickbank… multi-millions in sales, entirely from the 3X Sellerator techniques.”

— Josh Pellicer, The Tao Of Baddass

“3X was instrumental in getting our WillingWay marketing and website positioning off the ground. Jon is not only brilliant as a marketer, he’s one of the best ‘teachers’ I’ve ever met.”

— Mariel Hemingway, Actress/Fitness and Wellness Spokesperson

“I’ve cranked out a record breaking sales letter – all because of The Sellerator. Thank you! Honestly, I have spent more than likely between a half million and a million on training and courses over the years for all of my companies and all of my employee’s and I have never given the “best of” award…until now.”

— Jim Engel, Real Estate Marketer

“I have spent a lot of money on a lot of courses. I will tell you that your insight and organization of The 3X Sellerator System, along with great presentations, is making this the best System BY FAR that I have seen. I cannot envision how this cannot rapidly improve everyone’s conversions. God bless you. I know your passion is to over deliver and I for one, greatly appreciate it.”

— Lane ‘Dawg’ Bowers, Barefoot Waterskiing Champion and Internet Marketer

“Seriously, Jon taught me how to market my own products more effectively, and I’ve made millions for years in this business. He was also key in teaching my staff how to use his 3X Sellerator to literally create 5 and 6-figure VSLs WITHOUT me having to write them myself or pay top copywriters to do it. His 3X Sellerator can take a total newbie marketer and make them into a virtual pro… and that means you can pocket more cash.”

— Tellman Knudson, Internet Marketing Pro

“Jon is one of the most badass marketers on the planet. His knowledge of the psychology of selling, mixed with his invention of SO many sales letter and video sales letter techniques, and of course The 3X Sellerator, makes him THE go-to guy in marketing today.”

— Joe Polish, Piranha Marketing, ILoveMarketing.com

“I usually don’t endorse anyone, but I’m making an exception for Jon Benson. He helped me crush a multi-million dollar launch, and with his 3X Sellerator training, I created my own videos sales letter to automatically close a live speaking event, which made over $400,000 in profit. He’s the real deal.”

— Dean Graziosi, The World’s #1 Real Estate Marketer

“I used Jon’s 3X Sellerator, and now I have the top offer in my industry…all from a single VSL!”

— Vin DiCarlo, Pandora’s Box

“Jon’s not only an amazing wordsmith, he’s also amazing at positioning, and helping others via The Sellerator to learn how to position their products in sales letters, VSLs, blogs, you name it, to simply GTM… GET THE MONEY.”

— Andy Jenkins, Video Boss, Traffic Genesis

>>Watch this FREE video to discover how to sell more of your products online…without having to wait years for profits<<<

P.S. Just in case you’re a skimmer like me 😉 This podcast is about Jon Benson’s Video Sales Letter Formula. It’ll help you to sell more of your products online without having a salesforce.

>>Discover how to automatically sell more of your products WITHOUT HAVING A SALESFORCE that will demand you to pay them!<<<

jon benson video sales letter formula


June 11, 2014

Anthony Cools Interview

Here is the newest podcast with Las Vegas Stage Hypnotist, Anthony Cools.  If you’ve never gotten a chance to watch his show on the Strip, YOU NEED TO!  He puts on an awesome Disney kid friendly very dirty adult show.

WARNING:Parts of this podcast have things of an adult nature.  Anthony Cools does his own version of The Aristocrats joke, on my request.

This is a very vile joke.  Its not till the end of the podcast and you’ll have plenty of warning when its coming up.

“Oh my god!! What do your call act? – THE ARISTOCRATS! #handflair” CLICK TO TWEET

Click here to watch the anthony cools interview on youtube.

“Oh great, I’m being compared to a communist leader, I…”CLICK TO TWEET


June 5, 2014

Hypnothoughts Live Interview with Jim Wand

“Join us in Vegas for the LARGEST Hypnosis convention” CLICK TO TWEET

This years Hypnothoughts Live conference is going to ROCK!  The conference this past June was AMAZING!

When you register for Hypnothoughts Live (July 18th – 20th 2014) you’re going to get a world class education!

Below is an interview I just did with Jim Wand from www.hypnotism.com

Click here to watch the hypnosis training video on youtube.

“Join us in Vegas for the LARGEST Hypnosis convention” CLICK TO TWEET


hypnothoughts live


April 30, 2014

The Wholeness Process by Connirae Andreas

NOTE: This blogpost is a product review of Connirae Andreas new online video training known as The Wholeness Process.  When you buy this product from any of the links on here I’ll make a little bit of money.  Normally I get most Hypnosis training products for free in exchange for a review.

When I called and spoke to Connirae on the phone I asked her about getting a review copy.  It didn’t sound like she wanted to give me a review copy since they already had a really good discount going on.  I vaguely remember her saying that she was going to talk to their Office Manager, Duff, about getting me a review copy.

Being the impatient person I am – I was filled with excitement and curiosity about this training.  So I immediately bought it.

At first I wasn’t able to access this online training (I was too excited to follow the simple instructions) so I called Connirae back.  She laughed and said something along the lines of “wow, you’re quick.  Duff told me you just bought a copy.”

What is the wholeness process?

The best way I can describe it is a fast track to awareness and enlightenment.  I don’t want to make it sound like its a magic pill.  Like anything else, you get out what you put in.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Connirae Andreas work, she is definitely at the forefront of the personal development movement.  What makes her techniques so unique is how gentle the applications are.  While some Hypnotic and Therapeutic techniques can be very direct, The Wholeness Process is a gentle invitation to an expanded awareness.

While I can’t reveal the exact process out of respect for their Intellectual Property, I can give some insights into it:

Its a new, simple and effective method for “awakening” & resolving life’s problems.  The Wholeness Process uses a very easy way to find the “ego” that is controlling aspects of your behavior.  While this may not really be your “ego”, its a pretty straight forward way of creating personal change.’

Here is a video of Connirae talking about what The Wholeness Process is all about.


Who is The Wholeness Process not for?

1) People that want a fast pass magic pill towards personal change

You’re going to have to put some work into getting results.

Who is The Wholeness Process for?

2) People that want a gentle and easy process to help with life’s challenges.

“What will I get when I buy The Wholeness Process”

Simply put, you’ll get online access to a live training where she explains the process and helps guide you through it.  There are over 8 hours of online video that you can watch just as if you’re watching youtube or netflix.

This is one of the more organized online trainings I’ve found to date.  Everything is broken down into easy bite sized chunks.  At the end of each video is a comment section where you can ask Connirae any questions you have about the process.

In a nutshell, when you buy this training, you’ll get:

1) Access to over 8 hours of easily understandable training videos.
2) The ability to interact with Connirae at the end of each training video.
3) Over 9 handouts that you can use along with the videos.
4) Access to a super gentle personal development technique that even Buddha would be jealous of 😉

“The Wholeness Process created a huge breakthrough in my life. A breakthrough beyond my wildest expectations. I could not believe that it’s possible to have such a big change with a process that is so simple and easy, and yet so extremely profound.

“Connirae is a true master when it comes to change. She combines her unbelievable skilled NLP Mastery with an understanding beyond words about the deepest realms of your soul.”

—Martin Weiss, Coach, Germany

“Last week I was on my way to a dinner party. I have never been comfortable with dinner parties, and was already a nervous wreck. I did the Wholeness Process and got completely relaxed. That’s never happened before — I actually enjoyed the evening.

“I also used the process for allergies. I did it when I started getting the symptoms, and my itchy eyes and stuffy nose cleared up right away.”

—Sally M., Phoenix, AZ

“Ok, this sounds nice, but how much does it cost?

The Special introductory price is only $159



P.S. If you get even half of the results that the rest of her customers have gotten from The Wholeness Process you’ll be very very impressed. Sound fair enough?

Check out the training by clicking here

December 30, 2013

Why your new years resolutions should scare you more than Obama

Any idea why your new years resolutions are more scary than Obama? As of January 1st, 2014 we still have 3 more years of Obama.

More than likely you’ll have MANY more years of your “problems”.  There are no term limits on our issues or our thoughts.

You can’t just wait for your problems to go away with time.  Action needs to be taken.

Obama, whether you like him or hate him, has to follow *some* rules.  We’ve got Constitutional Amendment and laws in the U.S.  Our minds have their own sets of rules and laws.  You can also call these beliefs.  The difference between the laws of the U.S. and the laws of our minds is HUGE.

“Why your new years resolutions should scare you more than Obama” CLICK TO TWEET

To create and or change a law in the U.S. (and most other countries) it takes more than one person.  Sometimes up thousands of people.  Bills have to be written, etc.  To create or change a law aka a belief it only takes ONE PERSON.  You know who 😉

I’m going to share a quick story with you.  Its about one of the darkest periods of my life.  This is something I don’t talk about publicly too much.  For years I had severe depression.  I always thought to myself

“Why am I like this?  Why am I so fucking stupid”.  Day in and day out.  Once in a while I’d get a small vacation from these intrusive thoughts.  A bunch of emotional crap had been piling on over the years.

I was socially awkward.  I wasn’t good with girls at all.  I actually thought I was ugly.  Basically I was having a huge ass pity party.  And I didn’t know how to stop partying.

In November of 2001 I had a drunk driving and my depression got way worse. I moved in with a friend of mine.  I had been sleeping in my car for a few weeks after the accident.  I ended up living with my sister.  Actually, I don’t think you could call what I was doing living.

Lying on the couch all day isn’t living.

Shortly after living with my sister for a few months I moved in with my friend Nick.  Even though I still dealt with heavy depression, things started to get on the up and up.  I could start to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  While I was living with my friend I met this pretty cute girl.

I was #ecstatic!  I had a complete 360 in my emotional well being.  We had fun for about 2 months.  Thats until she slept with one of my friends.

Back to the emotional roller coaster.

Not too long after I got so damn depressed.  This was probably way worse than it had ever been.  I didn’t think anyone had loved me.  I remember crying so hard that I started to get physically sick.  If I remember correctly I had puked a few times this one fateful day.

I can remember it clear as day.  It was the summer of my 21st Birthday.  No one could have talked me out of what I was planning on doing.  With a bottle of pills in my hand I was ready to give up on everything.  After sitting there for what seemed like an eternity I started to swallow all of the pills.  One by one.

After I swallowed all of the pills I felt this strange calming sensation.  Its as if my mind finally realized all of my pain was going to go away.  I wouldn’t have to worry about hurting any more or hurting anyone else.

While I was waiting for the pills to do their job a lady was walking past my apartment pushing her child in a stroller.  With the kid looking back at me smiling, I felt a rush of emotions.  Its as if my mind was trying to tell me “Dude, its not your time“.  In an instant I thought about my two younger brothers and how this would affect them.

At this point I admitted myself to the hospital so I could get my stomach pumped.  It wasn’t my time to die.  It took about another 5 plus years to get past my depression.

If you are dealing with severe depression and or suicidal thoughts STOP reading this immediately. Call the National Suicide hotline with the number below. I make a small commission when someone buys a self help hypnosis recording.  I’d rather you be alive than me making a few dollars.

What was my solution?

Self-Hypnosis and a ton of other personal development techniques.  I made a huge mistake of taking years and years to find some good solutions.

Don’t do that!  Take a shortcut.

This shortcut I speak of is from my friend Mark Tyrell of The Growth Zone.  The Self Hypnosis recordings they’ve created are definitely some of the best I’ve found anywhere.  The problem with Self Hypnosis recordings for the most part is they are too rigid.  Humans are far from rigid creatures.

They’ve crafted these artistic self-help recordings with the end user in mind.

Keep in mind that everyone needs some help with their New Years resolutions.  Research shows that 88% of people who set New Years resolutions don’t follow through.  This is because they didn’t take the time to change their mindset.

“A 2007 study by Richard Wiseman from the University of Bristol involving 3,000 people showed that 88% of those who set New Year resolutions fail,despite the fact that 52% of the study’s participants were confident of success at the beginning.”


December 28, 2013

9 ways speed trance inductions can help a total sissy survive in prison

Picture this.  You’ve been sent to prison.  Yet, you’re not the “prison type”.

You pace back and forth in the cell.  Sweat running down your face.

“You sure do got a purdy face.  Come here.” this voice carries across the cell.  “You’re my b$%$ now”

Sheer terror and panic coarse through your veins.

You walk up to him.  Scared.  But with a plan.

richard nongard

Then BAM! You hit him with an instant induction. Your ninja skills in speed trance training has paid off. Your behind is safe.  No more picking up the soap 😉

instant induction training

If you want to learn more about Speed Trance Inductions watch this interview below.

Its with myself and Richard Nongard and John Cerbone of Speed Trance Training

“9 Ways Speed Trance Inductions can help a total sissy survive in prison” CLICK TO TWEET

Now I’ve got some good and bad news.  The bad news is, if you get sent to prison, I ain’t breaking you out. The goods news is you can now take on bubba with Speed Trance Inductions.

Richard Nongard & John Cerbone have teamed up after a 9 year break to bring their brand
new and ground breaking Online Speed Trance Inductions Training (January 18, 2014)

The price of this bad boy is a mere $97.  For this price you’re gonna learn:

  • The Cerbone Butterfly induction and how to hypnotize someone in 7 seconds.
  • Powerful strategies for public demonstrations of hypnotic power
  • “Blink” the one-second induction not taught by Cerbone & Nongard since 2007 in Manchester, U.K.
  • How to use Speed Trance in stage hypnosis.  (This blew away the attendees of one of the largest hypnosis conventions in the country in 2011.)
  • A new way to create excitment in stage hypnosis performances
  • And much much more!

I’ve been waiting FOREVER to use that line 😉 We’ve got a little contest going on for people who register for this online hypnosis training. One lucky winner is going to get a copy of their

Speed Trance 2 DVD Set!!! (Valued at $97)


There are only 2 rules for this contest.  1) Share the video below by clicking share 2) Register for this event.  3) Win a cool prize

1) Click the Share button below the video and create a status update about why you should win this 2 DVD set.


2) Register for the event by clicking the registration link below.

instant inductions


Here are some other ways Speed Trance Inductions will help any sissy survive prison:

2) Make your “room mate” hallucinate all sorts of wicked stuff.
3) Give the guards post hypnotic suggestions
4) Make people fear and respect you
5) Give your enemies a post Hypnotic suggestion to sing “I’m a little Tea Pot”
6) Give your enemies some negative hallucinations. Make yourself invisible 😉
7) Give the scariest guys suggestions that their muscles are weak. Watch them try to pick up a pillow…ain’t gonna happen 😉

December 28, 2013

The 10 Commandments of Stage Hypnosis Training – are you a sinner?

1) Thou Shall Not Steal Material
2) Thou Shall Not Bite the Hand that Feeds
3) Love thy fellow entertainer
4) Thou Shall not Murder – duh! this should be a given 😉
5) You are never done training
6) Safety first!
7) No standing on your volunteers back
8) Get a copy of Ormonds Book
9) Don’t Miss Kevin Lepines Las Vegas Stage Hypnosis training

Kevin Lepine from http://masterthestage.net/ goes above and beyond!  Ethics + Showmanship = Kevin.

Gotta be honest here.  If it wasn’t for Kevin, I wouldn’t be here.  He was the first person to Hypnotize me.

He created a monster 😀

Before you listen to the podcast I wanna ask a small favor from you.  For Kevin that is.

kevin lepineKevin is trying to win Comedy Hypnotist of the Year in Las Vegas.  Lets give him a big push!

Please cast your vote by CLICKING HERE or by clicking the image to the left.  Like my fancy photoshop skills? 😉

Keep in mind that he’s in the 2nd spot right now!  He’s right behind Mark Savard.

<——— Click that fancy image to cast your vote

You have to register for the site.  Seriously, it only takes a quick 2 seconds.


Take a listen to our podcast about his upcoming Las Vegas Stage Hypnosis training. Its going down Feb. 27th to March 3rd.


“The 10 Commandments of Stage Hypnosis Training – are you a sinner?”CLICK TO TWEET


So if you really want to master the craft you’ve got two choices.

1) Make a ton of mistakes over a 15 year period.
2) Spend a week with Kevin and learn from his 15 year trial and error run.

Click the image below to learn more.


December 28, 2013

If waking hypnosis techniques had a love child with Satan it would look like this

Wanna see what happens when you mix badassery (that even a word?) and waking hypnosis techniques?

It becomes a force you don’t wanna mess with!  A mix of an atom bomb and power Hypnotic phenomenon.


Watch the short clip below and read on!

“If waking hypnosis techniques had a love child with Satan it would look like this”

What is waking hypnosis and waking hypnosis techniques?

Is it really possible that you can have you eyes open during Hypnosis?  The truth is you need to keep reading to find out 😉

(Hypno brain engaged)

Before I get into the subject at hand…I have a quick story.  Rewind back about 30 years.

(Time machine on) 

waking hypnosis techniques I can remember it clear as day.   I’m 6 years old.  At my grandmas house.  On her bookshelf is a copy of a Hypnosis book. “Whats this Hypnosis stuff?” I ask myself. I flip the book open.  2 hours later I’m still wrapped up in the book.

“OH MY GOD!” thinking to myself.  “This stuff sounds awesome!!!”

Those 2 hours felt like minutes.  Hell, seconds.

During that time I forgot my name.  Lost track of time.  Discovered new worlds.  These worlds were a combination of pure imagination powered by raw power and the endless possibilities of new realities.

I found the key and opened the door.  Have any idea what this key was?

Keep reading and you’ll discover this key

(/Time machine off)

Why is it that I can still remember this experience as if it happened yesterday? Do I have a memory thats rock solid?

Am I a genius – I’d like to think so 😉

(True statement on)
I’m no memory expert and I’m not a genius (I know..surprise surprise) 🙂
(/true statement off)

If this is the case, how come I’m able to remember all of this? Here is a hint:

I experienced all sorts of Hypnotic phenomenon.  I was Hypnotized, and I didn’t know it yet.  I wasn’t Hypnotized in the classical sense.  No eyes closed, no “deeper and deeper”.

None of that stuff!

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind.  I see Hypnosis as a magnifier.  It can help us to learn new things very at the speed of light.  Basically Hypnosis helped me to “lock” that memory in.

Earlier I asked you whether or not you needed your eyes open for Hypnosis to occur. Clearly you do not.  I had been experiencing a state of Hypnosis while I was reading that book.

This is simply known as waking Hypnosis.

What is waking Hypnosis you ask?

Waking Hypnosis is door way to Hypnosis mastery.  Hypnosis Without Trance is the key you need to unlock the door and walk the path to mastery.  This is the key I discovered that has amped up my Hypnosis skills.


P.S. Seriously.  If you want to see Hypnosis in a whole new light, open the door with this key.  If you need more convincing you can check out my Hypnosis Without Trance review.

P.P.S. Expect some more Hypno goodies from me in the next few days.  I’ve gotta exercise my writing a bit 😉 Tad bit rusty…

(/Hypno brain disengaged)

Now back to reality..beach time for me 😀

August 10, 2013

Hypnothoughts Live Street Hypnosis Footage

“Join us in Vegas for the LARGEST Hypnosis convention” CLICK TO TWEET

This years Hypnothoughts Live conference is going to ROCK!  The conference this past June was AMAZING!

When you register for Hypnothoughts Live (July 18th – 20th 2014) before September 1st you’ll get:

  1. Pay just $245 for conference registration including the provided meals and all 2, 3, and 4 hour workshops during the conference.
  2. $50 worth of the conference recordings from last year as a free gift!
  3. No-interest financing for 6 months.  Reserve your discount and rewards now and pay for them over time.

Here is a video of the Street Hypnosis event from the conference in June.

Click here to watch the Hypnothoughts Live street hypnosis video on youtube.

“Join us in Vegas for the LARGEST Hypnosis convention” CLICK TO TWEET


hypnothoughts live

P.S. If you paid more than $1000 in any kind of trainings materials in the past few years, I guarantee this live training will be worth at least $600 to you – and it only costs $245 (when you register before September 1st)! Thats over a 400 percent return on your investment, guaranteed!!