September 1, 2015

Bob Burns swanning it up at Hypnothoughts Live

So its been **almost** a week since the Hypnothoughts Live 2015 conference.

Before I get onto the meat of this blogpost – I’ll share a quick story.

Picture this – You’re in Las Vegas.  Surrounded by a ton of your friends from the Hypnosis community.  You can practically taste the excitement in the air.

“It seems like the last Hypnothoughts Live conference was just a few days ago…” you think to quietly to yourself.

Then BAM!

You wake up from your dream…you realize that Hypnothoughts Live 2015 was only like 5 days ago…and you have to wait a full year for Hypnothoughts Live 2016 🙁

** Quick – someone needs to create a time machine so I can get to Hypnothoughts Live 2016! **

Just trying to explain to you how freaking awesome Hypnothoughts Live is.

Make sure you are there next year – and the year after – and so on and so forth.

On the last day I had the pleasure of taking Bob Burns The Swan workshop.

So far what I can tell is its a very advanced ideomotor technique.

Bob would probably disagree with me.  Its all good 😀

“Hypnothoughts Live has been absolutely fantastic…I’ve met some wonderful people…I’ll be here next year…”***CLICK TO TWEET***

Want to check the Bob Burns Swan interview on youtube?

If you’d like to grab a copy of Bob Burns The Swan – you can grab it from Life Line Hypnotherapy

Please make sure to attend Hypnothoughts Live 2016.  They haven’t released the dates as of yet.

Next year is going to be ABSOLUTELY FREAKING EPIC!

P.S.  If you didn’t make it to Hypnothoughts 2015 YOU NEED TO BE THERE FOR 2016!  You’ve got a full year to prepare.  So go and do that!  You can learn more at Hypnothoughts Live.

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