June 6, 2013

Core Transformation Workshop in Las Vegas

NOTE: This podcast is about Mark Andreas’s and Don Pelles Core Transformation workshop Pre-Conference in Las Vegas.  I don’t have time to change the text on this page.  Just listen to the podcast below.  This podcast is not about getting medical referrals.


“Hypnothoughts Live is not your parents Hypnosis Conference!!” CLICK TO TWEET

Haven’t registered for Hypnothoughts Live yet? go and register for Hypnothoughts live!!!

Its happening June 15th in Las Vegas. If you haven’t heard about the Hypnothoughts Live conference you’re either living under a rock or you just started using the internet ;)

Hypnothoughts Live is happening June 14th, 15th and 16th in Las Vegas. On June 15th we are going to have a MASSIVE Street Hypnosis event.

The top names in the Hypnosis/NLP field are going to be there. The price of this conference is ridiculously affordable.

Entire cost for the 3 days of the conference, June 14, 15, 16, 2013 is only $215

This includes:


  • Access to the 8,000 sq.ft. Exhibit Hall
  • Access to over 50 one hour Presentations
  • Friday Night Welcome Reception
  • Saturday “Leaders in the Field” Luncheon
  • Saturday Awards Dinner
  • Sunday Wrap Up Breakfast


How to get medical referrals for hypnosis

In this Hypnosis Podcast I interviewed Adrian Madril from Complementary Care Hypnosis.

In this podcast we talk about his upcoming talk at the Hypnothoughts Live conference happening this june.

If you’re a hypnotist then you’ll definitely want to listen to this podcast.

Listen to the podcast below to discover how to get medical referrals for hypnosis sessions.

One of the biggest misconceptions about getting medical referrals for hypnosis is

“Doctors won’t give us medical referrals for Hypnosis”

The only thing preventing Doctors from giving you medical referrals for Hypnosis is, well, you.  If you come across as a cocky know-it-all then it ain’t going to happen.

On the other hand.  If you let the Doctor know that what you do can complement their work you’re much more likely to get hypnosis referrals.

How have you gotten medical referrals for Hypnosis?

I’d like to know how you’ve gone about getting medical referrals for Hypnosis sessions.  Please do me a favor and drop me a comment and let me know how you’ve done this.


“Hypnothoughts Live is not your parents Hypnosis Conference!!” CLICK TO TWEET

P.S. Make sure to register for Hypnothoughts live

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