October 13, 2014

Deep Trance Identification Interview

“4 ways you can “make believe” your way to be a better Hypnotist – or anything else your heart desires!”


Did you know that most people aren’t living up to their full potential? You might have fallen into this category at some point in life. Maybe you wanted to do or become a certain way. You just didn’t know how.

You may be aware – that most people aren’t using their imaginations in productive ways? I’ve done this before. You might have done this before.

But did you also know – that there is a way to take control…become what you want to be…and use your imagination to give you wonderful experiences?

You’re in for a treat today!  You can just sit back – trance out – and enjoy this podcast.

This one is all about Deep Trance Identification.  DTI for short, is all about playing “make believe”.  Its at the core of ALL LEARNING.

From Wikipedia

“Deep trance identification is a process where a profound hypnotic trance is induced, and, within that, a person is led to recollect everything they have ever known or seen of a person and “steps into” that person to experience and identify with their world completely. In such a state, it is said, the unconscious mind creates its own rich understandings by sidestepping the need for conscious analysis. The term comes from the work of Milton Erickson.”


Jess and Shawn teamed up to write – the DEFINITIVE book on Deep Trance Identification. Scoll down below the video to learn more about it.

Jess is the the co-author of “Quit: The Hypnotist’s Handbook To Running Effective Stop Smoking Sessions”, “The Power of Hypnotic Influence”, “The Swish”, and “The Visual Squash”.

Outside of the hypnosis world she was a university professor for 7 years in the fields of comparative religions and anthropology.


Shawn began to teach NLP and Hypnosis in 2006 and opened the doors of our training and coaching business, IPH, in 2007.

“Teaching and helping others in NLP and Hypnosis helps me to understand myself better. After all, at heart we all share the same fears, hopes, dreams.”


Deep Trance Identification Interview

Click here to watch the Deep Trance Identification interview on youtube.

“4 ways you can “make believe” your way to be a better Hypnotist – or anything else your heart desires!” ***CLICK TO TWEET***


If you want to get better at ANY skill.  GET THIS BOOK!  You’ll learn a lot of excellent techniques and methodologies to do Deep Trance Identification.

I’ve only had the book for a few days.  And I’m already noticing results from my Deep Trance Identification.  Eugene Schwartz was a master copywriter who made millions over about a 30+ year career.

Naturally I wanted to “capture” the essence that Eugene had.  This book allowed me to do this.  DTI isn’t simply stepping into another persons body.

There is actually more work to this.  Their Deep Trance Identification book on Amazon teaches a COMPLETE model.

With this ground breaking book on Deep Trance Identification you’ll:

  • Discover how to use your dreams to integrate your role models skills.  At a deep unconscious level. Chapter 12
  • Get up close and personal with your  role models life experiences with the EVENT MATRIX (Insert Sci-Fi sound.) PG 62
  • Discover an advanced technique known as The Hypnotic Mind Meld – That you can use to take care of any inner conflicts…you and the model may have.  This is taken straight from Star Trek! Chapter 12
  • Uncover a bulletproof way of modelling based on an ancient mystical practice. PG 257
  • and much…much more!


When you first get this book. Go straight to Page 89 – if you’re like me, and don’t like to wait. This Chapter will help you to correctly choose a model. You’ll learn what to look out for. And you’ll also discover what to avoid.

“This book by Carson, Marion, and Overdurf is an excellent exploration of the extraordinary trance process of deep trance identification. It is thorough, practical, and clear thereby providing an excellent guide for those seeking far- reaching transformational change. I highly recommend it”

Stephen Gilligan Ph.D Generative Trance.

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