June 11, 2013

Dublin Hypnosis Training – Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Workshop

The dublin hypnosis training with Jeffrey Stephens is coming to a city in Ireland near you!

Jeffrey is a no-nonsense kind of guy.  If you want to learn how to help change peoples lives with Hypnosis this is one workshop you don’t want to miss.


“Were taking Hypnosis to the streets in Dublin!”  **** CLICK TO TWEET****


Dublin Hypnosis Training – July 19th – 20th


If you can make it to the Dublin Hypnosis training with Jeffrey Stephens you’re going to be blown away!  If you know who Jeffrey Stephens is you know he’s kind of a renegade in the Hypnosis community.

You can learn more about this training by clicking here.

WARNING: If you’re just looking for theories this is not the training for you.  Jeffrey is all about real world experience.  So expect to what you learn to the streets and Hypnotize real people!



Here is what you will learn at the Dublin Hypnosis Training with Jeffrey Stephens.

Topic: Theory
1. Why I use direct hypnosis
2. How to get the fastest results
3. What is necessary to induce hypnosis
4. Just how easy it really is to use almost anywhere
5. How the conscious and subconscious minds interact

Topic: Inductions
1. How to induce hypnosis
2. Hands-on inductions in class
3. How to intensify the state quickly and easily
4. Utilization to intensify the state

Topic: Utilization
1. What to do when you have them in hypnosis
2. Making it a fantastic experience for the subject
3. How to get hypnotic phenomena

4. How to bring them out safely and feeling amazingly satisfied

Topic: Therapy
1. My unique 20 min session protocol
2. Smoking session
3. Weight loss session
4. Pain Control Session
5. Cure Phobias
6. Self Esteem Session
7. Stress Control
8. Insomnia

Topic: The Amazing Powers Of Hypnosis
1. Stick a hand to the wall
2. Forget a name or a number
3. Get people to hallucinate almost anything
4. How to do it all in a mall, coffee shop, or park bench!
5. Lots of live practice because the proof is in the doing

dublin hypnosis training

Overview of the Advanced Direct Hypnosis:

Topic: Additional Important Issues
1. “Difficult” clients
2. Do’s and Dont’s of practical hypnosis
3. Ways to promote yourself and your business
4. Working with children
5. Pain issues – what to do and what to avoid doing
6. Best methods for wording instructions and why
7. Turning average subjects into amazing subjects
8. Locking in ‘Instant Rapport’ to get faster & easier results
and much, much more.

Application of Techniques
1. Weight loss or gain
2. Smoking
3. Anxiety
4. Depression
5. Phobias
6. Addictions
7. Insomnia
8. Stress Reduction
and a number of other issues that are common to hypnosis practices…

dublin hypnosis training

Any questions about the Dublin Hypnosis Training?

If you’re on the fence about this hypnosis training in Dublin feel free to leave Jeffrey Stephens and myself a comment.

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