July 12, 2014

Erotic Hypnosis with David Snyder

In this podcast I’m interviewing David Snyder about Erotic Hypnosis.  I met David last year at Hypnothoughts live last June.

His take on Hypnosis is pretty interesting, especially hypnotic language patterns.

If you’re going to be at Hypnothoughts Live you might want to check out Davids Erotic Hypnosis workshop.

Last but not least…If you haven’t registered for Hypnothoughts Live, what are you waiting for?  Its July 18th to the 20th.  Its going to be FREAKING AWESOME!

Click here to watch the Erotic Hypnosis interview on youtube.

Erotic Hypnosis workshop in Las Vegas!

David is giving 2 talks at Hypnothoughts Live.  One on energy hypnosis and one on Erotic Hypnosis.

“This course is designed to take even an absolute beginner and guide them through a step by step experience process that allows you the practitioner to both experience and guide a subject or partner through a wide array of erotic, ecstatic and orgasmic experiences easily and consistently, whenever you want to.

The course will cover the fundamental skills all ecstatic trance workers need and provide an intense training and drilling on the hypo-erotic skill sets that work practically anywhere with a willing partner and on virtually any one in any environment (in the bedroom, on the strip, in a bar etc.)

These skills are powerful, fun simple and easy to learn and use

You will come from this training feeling completely confident in your ability to easily and expertly experience and guide others through a vast array of orgasmic, erotic and ecstatic states for the purposes of”

Click this image below to learn more.

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