Free Hypnosis Downloads

Are you a Hypnosis or NLP enthusiast?  Would you like the chance to get free hypnosis downloads from some of the worlds top trainers?  If so then I have an awesome proposition for you!  I’m looking for people that would like help create some hypnosis product reviews for this website.  As a contributor to this website you’ll have the chance to review all sorts of products.  Hypnosis training Dvds, cds, books, etc!  In order to review products for this website you’ll have to be able to perform certain functions:

  1. You have to be able to write well – not good 😉
  2. I would prefer that you have a decent video camera.  It would be nice to have some videos of product reviews.
  3. I would really prefer that you are computer literate.  I am trying to lighten the load on myself.  I have a full time job, two websites, and I’m trying to start up a private practice.  Also on top of being computer literate it would help if you know anything about SEO.  Such as Keyword Research, etc.
  4. A willingness to have a blast reviewing awesome hypnosis and nlp products!
  5. If you have Hypnosis or NLP products you can’t review them yourself.  That should be a given 😉  If you want your products to be reviewed you can contact us

If you don’t want to review products for this site you can always get free training products another way.  When you subscribe to the newsletter you’ll get  12 free training products!  Thats 1 product a month for a year from the worlds top experts.  Subscribe to the newsletter below and you’ll get instant access to your first download’s from Richard Nongard.  These are two of his most popular e-books.