April 16, 2016

Jason Linett at Hypnothoughts Live

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to learn how to take your Hypnosis practice to the next level – then this is going to be the most exciting thing you ever read.

Here’s why:

I interviewed Jason Linett of Work Smart Hypnosis and the creator of the upcoming Hypnotic Business Mastery.  We talked about a few simple ways you can increase your business – without  working yourself half to death…or passing out business cards that are going to be thrown away.

Before we get to the meat of the podcast – I’d like to mention his ground-breaking workshop coming up this August at Hypnothoughts Live:

Hypnotic Business Mastery – The Six-Figure Blueprint for Your Success (2 Days)
August 23-24, 2016


Ok, lets move on.

First things first Listen to this podcast

Here is a sneak preview:

* How to use an “everyday saying” to punch up your sales copy and sell more

* Stumble upon the exact way to use move towards or move away motivation styles in your sales copy

* Discover how to attract weight loss clients with 3 words (not 2…not 4 or 5…but only three words!)

* What can professional wresting (or is it wrastlin’?) can teach you about running a successful private practice.  Seriously, no joke.

* Running a successful Hypnosis practice is hard work, right? WRONG! Discover how a simple game will double your income

* The single-easiest thing to do if you fall in the trap of “Marketing is hard and I’m not a business person”

Want to check this Jason Linette interview on youtube?


P.S. Wanna take your business to the next level?  Check out Jason’s

Hypnotic Business Mastery – The Six-Figure Blueprint for Your Success (2 Days)
August 23-24, 2016


December 11, 2015

What Makes Copywriter Chris Haddad Thinks Mel Gibson Is A “Good Guy”?

Yep – Chris said Mel Gibson (the alcoholic Jew Hatin’ racist) was a good guy. Any idea why he would say that?

Listen to the podcast below…

By the time you finish listening to this podcast, 1 of 2 things will happen:

You will either love Chris Haddad, or you will hate him.

Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger.

Not sure who Chris “Mr. Money Finger’s” Haddad is?

He’s a direct response copywriter.  “Um, what?” I can hear stirring up in your head.

Simply put, he writes marketing material.  He is a man of many words. (some of them 4 letter words)

What is isn’t is a douchebag “Goo Roo”, that will suck your wallet dry.

Want to discover how to make piles of cash with copywriting?

First things first Listen to this podcast

Here is a sneak preview:

* How to write emotional sales copy (without sounding like a whiny bi#$h)

* You should research your niche up and down, right?  WRONG! Use his amazing “Peeping Tom” technique instead to dominate a niche, and knock the socks off of your customers.

* The single best book to learn emotional copywriting from (Make sure to get the right copy.  There are thousands of incorrect versions)

* How to use his ground-breaking “Punch In The Gut” technique to write world class copy that will take people on an emotional roller-coaster spending spree!

* Its best to give people only one choice in your sales copy (buy or don’t buy), right?  WRONG! – Use the amazing “Crossroads Close” technique to get them to buy what you are selling.

* WARNING: Are you destroying your chances of getting any sales by NOT being in this mindset while you are writing?

* A sneaky little way that shoe laces will make you more sales (surprised even Chris)

* And finally, last, but not least – Here is the specific reason why Chris Haddad believes Mel Gibson is a good guy (yeah, the racist Mel Gibson).  This surprised even me…until I realized he was totally right.


Want to check this Chris Haddad interview on youtube?



November 4, 2015

lorrie morgan ferrero on red hot copy

It took me a while to secure an interview with Lorrie Morgan Ferrero.

She’s not a Hypnotist – yet her words are Hypnotic.

Let me explain – Lorrie produces red hot copy – aka persuasive writing that convinces people to do things.

More than likely it is to buy stuff.

She’s got a unique style.  Not hype-y (that even a word?) and masculine fueled sales copy that screams:


Its actually the complete opposite.  Its heavy on the emotional storytelling.

On the podcast Lorrie Morgan Ferrero reveals:


* The direct marketing LEGEND you should not eat with (never). Has nothing to do with his manners.

* How losing out on a copywriting job turned her into a A-Lister copywriter.

* A tragic event in 1999 that changed her life (and thousands of others Americans) forever

* The exact reason she’s a (horrible) actress. This makes her even better at writing copy.

* What sets her apart from her male counterparts that allow her writing to attract a wider audience.

* Why Lorries clients are stunned by the results she gets for them – its because of a “special” type of lizard.

* Discover why she said “Yeah, you’re going to piss some people off” (And why neither of us care)

* Get more women with Pick Up Artist tricks? WRONG! Do this instead (it also improves your copywriting – win win)

* A little-known trick she uses to “get in the mood” to write killer copy

* And much much mo’ (Yeah I know. Its cliche. Let me try one more bulletin’)

* But wait – theres more! click the video below


Want to check this Lorrie Morgan Ferrero interview on youtube?


She’s got a free resource called

The 30 Day Storytelling Playground on Facebook.

Make sure to join.  Its a blast and a half!

Every day, for 30 days she posts a (totally random) picture in the group.  Then you write a 100 to 200 word story in like 15 minutes.  It gets really creative..and fast!

When the rubber meets the road – actual hands on practice makes you ready for the real world.  This storytelling game will do just this – without you having to lift more than a few fingers – to type that is.

P.S.  Just in case you couldn’t tell – her brand Red Hot Copy – its a play on words – and on her having red hair (red heads are amazing….amirite???)

September 22, 2015

Laxman Mind Machine

Hey folks, Antonio here.  I’ve interviewed the creator of the Laxman Mind Machine via email.

Here is the interview:

1)  How did the Laxman come into existence.  Can you give me a history of the Laxman.

I have been distributing Light & Sound machines in Germany since the early nineties. Later I have been involved in two companies in Swizerland – AudioStrobe and the ArtVision AG,  where we developed Mind Machines and Biofeedback systems.

In 2004 I came to the idea to develop a device.  This device combined the most important features for optimal brainwave entrainment in one device. So I made some prototypes and started with clinical tests at the Charité in Berlin to research how to achieve the best effect. After finding out the optimum, I applied for some patents.  I then founded Neurotronics GmbH, and got money from the banks for hardware and software development.

In 2008 we presented the Laxman on the IFA in Berlin the first time to the public.

2)  What are the main features of the Laxman that no other mind machine currently has.

As far as I know the Laxman is still the only device which actually supports the Ganzfeld effect.

As well as an open-eye-system which really lives up to its name.

Besides the quality of the stimulation — the Laxman touts flexibility.

Its the only “plug and play” device.  Every parameter can be adjusted separately for professional use – as well as home use.

For example there are studies out there, which suggest, that music supports relaxation and cognitive performance (e.g. Cockerton, Moore, & Norman, 1997). But there are also studies who contradict those results (Furnham & Bradley, 1997).

Maybe the studies have been influenced by the objective.  Maybe different people in different settings react in a different way? However, the Laxman supports the combination of every audiocontent or impulse sounds with the lights to achieve the best results for every individual in every situation.

Some other features, like high quality hardware and accessories, pure haptic handling of the main settings, free editor software and others completes the Laxman. Every single device will be hand checked from me (Markus) personally before shipping.

3)  Can someone program their own entrainment programs with the Laxman.

Yes.  This is one of the basic ideas of the Laxman.

The Laxman isn’t a closed and limited system.

Rather its an open system – which allows the user to do all they need for efficient Brainwave Entrainment.  With the Laxman it is possible, for example, to combine a guided meditation in local language with synchronized visuals in the individual alpha frequency (see Klimesch, 1999).

The editor software itself (LaxEdit) is also an open source software and can be adjusted by everyone.

4)  Is it possible that you guys will ever add a feature to detect remember sleep?  I know the Nova Dreamer and other devices will detect remember sleep and trigger some led lights to help someone become lucid their dreams.

Actually this is a very specific feature.

I worked with lucid dreaming by myself for many years.

So I know, that there are several techniques out there to learn it.

The thing is –  good results in lucid dreaming will not be possible without training.

I found, that a good level in relaxation and concentration in general will help a lot. In this way the Laxman can also support lucid dreaming. But a special feature is currently not planned.

5)  What are some of the exciting plans and or features does Neurotronics have planned for the future?

Currently we have developed a biofeedback software, Laxball. It is a more playful approach to biofeedback. Laxball consists in a collection of 42 mini levels, where a ball has to be steered into the goal, just with the mind. The levels are increasing in difficulty. The ball will be controlled by a sensor, which takes the skin resistance (GSR). GSR is a precise mirror of stress and relaxation, which in turn depends not at last also in thoughts and concentration. Laxball is a sustainable game to improve personal performance in a variaty of fields.

In another project we cooperate with the Institute for Applied Consciousness Research (IACR) close to Berlin. In one of their experiments they research the mental influence on random processes. It is a kind of ‘mind over matter’ experiment. Instead of the radioactive decay, which was the random mechanism in the famous thought experiment of  Schroedingers cat, here a diode (Zener generator) produces the random events. Metaphorically speaking it drops a coin 200 times a second and displayed the result (‘head or number’) in form of a line over or below the base line. The study is about how the consciousness can influence this basically independent process.

Usually the line, of course, oscillates around the base line. First results shows, that people who has trained their mind (e.g. by meditation or – what we like to proof – with the Laxman) can influence the result in a significally way, just by their will (not touching or beeing connected with the device in any physical way).

xxx picture xxx

The picture shows my throughput with the goal to generate a positive significance. The two curves over and below the base line shows the range of significance. Also in random processes it can happen, that, if someones drops a coin, he gets more ‘heads’ than ‘numbers’ just by a coincidence. Outside the two curves the accumulation is large enough to exclude the coincidence.

It is nice to see how the line drops for a moment (see arrow), when my mobile rings (I forgot to switch it off). It shows, that concentration indeed is at least a part of the influence and that this influence can be generated deliberately. We hope, that we can show, that the Laxman can train this ability.

6)  Will you guys ever consider making it possible to hook the Laxman goggles up to a smartphone / tablet with some kind of accessory?  (P.S. that would kick ass 😉 )

Yes, indeed we follow up this idea. We have already a functional sample for testing the best method for data transfer and encoding the signals for the visuals. But actually there are first some other priorities, like for example a hardware redesign for improving the production or proceeding with Laxball and biofeedback.

7)  If yes to number 6, I’m assuming you guys would make an iPhone & android app that would work with the Laxman goggles. Any additional features we can expect?

Exactly. I am already in contact with Apple and of course an android app would be nice too. We have some first test apps. But it is one thing to make a quick app and a completely different thing to make an application with really cool features, optimal performance and brilliant usability. One idea I am already discussing with Andrzej (the inventor of AudioStrobe) is, for example, to find a common encoding system for lax-files and AudioStrobe. It is one of our most discussed topics everytime we meet. But the encoding methods are completely different, much less a converter from one or two colores of AudioStrobe to an all-color-goggle – just to explain one detail.

However, we follow up this idea since a couple of years and will realise it as soon as the current projects are done. And when it comes it will be well-thought-out and tested.

September 1, 2015

Bob Burns swanning it up at Hypnothoughts Live

So its been **almost** a week since the Hypnothoughts Live 2015 conference.

Before I get onto the meat of this blogpost – I’ll share a quick story.

Picture this – You’re in Las Vegas.  Surrounded by a ton of your friends from the Hypnosis community.  You can practically taste the excitement in the air.

“It seems like the last Hypnothoughts Live conference was just a few days ago…” you think to quietly to yourself.

Then BAM!

You wake up from your dream…you realize that Hypnothoughts Live 2015 was only like 5 days ago…and you have to wait a full year for Hypnothoughts Live 2016 🙁

** Quick – someone needs to create a time machine so I can get to Hypnothoughts Live 2016! **

Just trying to explain to you how freaking awesome Hypnothoughts Live is.

Make sure you are there next year – and the year after – and so on and so forth.

On the last day I had the pleasure of taking Bob Burns The Swan workshop.

So far what I can tell is its a very advanced ideomotor technique.

Bob would probably disagree with me.  Its all good 😀

“Hypnothoughts Live has been absolutely fantastic…I’ve met some wonderful people…I’ll be here next year…”***CLICK TO TWEET***

Want to check the Bob Burns Swan interview on youtube?

If you’d like to grab a copy of Bob Burns The Swan – you can grab it from Life Line Hypnotherapy

Please make sure to attend Hypnothoughts Live 2016.  They haven’t released the dates as of yet.

Next year is going to be ABSOLUTELY FREAKING EPIC!

P.S.  If you didn’t make it to Hypnothoughts 2015 YOU NEED TO BE THERE FOR 2016!  You’ve got a full year to prepare.  So go and do that!  You can learn more at Hypnothoughts Live.

August 27, 2015

Hypnothoughts Live Laughter

I recently came back from the highly anticipated Hypnothoughts Live 2015 3 day conference in Las Vegas.

Got a chance to interview Dave Berman and Kelley Woods from www.laughterforthehealthofit.com

Check out the interview.  You’ll catch some good insights on the healing power of laughter yoga.

“Hey guys why are we even laughing, whats so funny?”***CLICK TO TWEET***

Want to check this Hypnothoughts Live interview on youtube?

Kelley and Dave wrote their ground-breaking book Laughter For The Health Of It.  It showcases many techniques that practitioners (Hypnosis, NLP, Life Coaches, etc.) can use in their practices to greatly improve their results.

You can learn more about their book on Amazon.

P.S.  If you didn’t make it to Hypnothoughts 2015 YOU NEED TO BE THERE FOR 2016!  You’ve got a full year to prepare.  So go and do that!  You can learn more at Hypnothoughts Live.

August 26, 2015

Igor Ledochowski on Hypnothoughts Live

I finally got another interview with Igor Ledochowski.  The last interview was in 2010 during a training of his I attended.

I just got back home from the Hypnothoughts Live 2015 3 day conference in Las Vegas.  If you were there you know how much fun it was.

If you weren’t there – you probably know how much fun we all had – you probably have seen the numerous Facebook posts from everyone that showed up.

Igor Ledochowski reveals:

* What Hypnothoughts Live is missing (believe it or not – this is actually a good thing)

* A real life example of 2 of his students that saved a mans life…this happened after the conference…(He was violent and wanted to kill people) plus  how to get the same skill level as these 2 students

* How people act around Hypnosis “gurus” – you’ll love his impression – its spot on!

* The #1 mistake that mentally unstable people make with meditation and self hypnosis.  HINT: They need to do this instead.

* A common mistake people make when trying to influence people (used car salesmen pay attention)

* Watch Igor light up when he talks about his 2 year old “baby”

* and much much ‘mo
Click the play button below

Igor says: ”…Hypnothoughts Live is a wonderful organization…” >>>CLICK TO TWEET<<<

Want to hear Igor Ledochowski On Hypnothoughts Live directly on youtube?


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July 4, 2015

Survey Funnel Formula by Ryan Levesque

Aloha!  In this podcast I interviewed online marketer Ryan Levesque – creator the Survey Funnel Forumla.  The Survey Funnel Formula is HANDS DOWN – one of the best ways to market your Hypnosis/NLP & Self-Help Products.

It uses some ninja level psychology techniques to sell more of your products.

I was all to excited for this interview.

survey funnel formula download

Take a listen.

Click here to watch the Survey Funnel Formula interview on youtube.

Survey Funnel Formula LIVE WEBINAR!

Ryan and I have been talking about doing a live webinar. In this webinar he’ll teach you a few ways you can sell more of your personal development products / services.

Heres the deal – we need to know if you’re interested. Click the comment button below on the Facebook thing below – and let us know that you’re interested.

Also feel free to ask any questions for Ryan when you leave a comment.

Any personal development folks out there with products to sell?Looking to do a webinar with Ryan Levesque about his…

Posted by Antonio B Perez on Friday, July 3, 2015

July 1, 2015

Beyond Self Hypnosis review

Beyond Self Hypnosis review

Recently I got a copy of Igor Ledochowski’s Beyond Self Hypnosis 2 DVD set.

WOW is all I can say.

What makes this “self hypnosis” personal development program unique is this:

There is no focus on reaching any kind of trance state. Hell, there is no delivering hypnotic suggestions to yourself like most programs.

The trance states just happen to creep up on you.

Below is a video review of the Beyond Self Hypnosis program.  I’d like to suggest you watch it before you download a copy of Beyond Self Hypnosis.

I wouldn’t advise you to download it until you hear about my experience with it.

Click here to watch the Beyond Self Hypnosis review on youtube.


Some of the biggest changes I’ve noticed are with my visualizations.  My visualizations have become EXTREMELY life like.  Hell, even dreamlike.

Now I know what people mean when they say “The mind can’t tell the difference between something that is real and something that is imagined”.

In one of my experiences I was going through three different mental journeys / landscapes.  During the last one I found myself in a forest with really small people.  Probably a foot tall if that.  I followed them down a dirt path and came upon an older “little person” sitting on a kind of wooden throne.

While I was standing there I asked him if he wanted anything from me.  As soon as I asked this, I saw a wooden staff / crutch appear in his right hand.  Then it transformed into a wheelchair.

Assuming I was done here, I took off walking.

BAM! There was as quick flash – almost like I was switching from one dream to another dream.  I’m now standing in a parking lot next to the front end of a H U G E truck.  The bumper of this truck was about two feet over my head.

“Hmm, this is weird.  Everything is huge and I’m small”

I turned around and I could see myself standing over there.

“Holy s#@$$!  I’m one of the little people!”

This felt EXTREMELY real to me.  This was an accidental experience of Deep Trance Identification – which is explained in great detail in the program.

The Beyond Self Hypnosis program has also helped with my levels of stress.  The meditative aspects have definitely helped a lot.

P.S.  The Beyond Self Hypnosis program is your best bet to achieving all sorts of goals in your life.

P.P.S. If you’ve got this program, please share this post and leave a comment below about your experience with it.




June 23, 2015

Hypnotic Regression Demo with Keith Livingston

We’ve got a Hypnotic Regression Demo for you 😀

I recently interviewed Keith Livingston from www.hypnosis101.com

In this hypnosis podcast Keith takes me through a live Hypnotic Regression.


His own brand of Hypnotic Regression is known as Hybrid Regression Therapy

Click here to watch the Hypnotic Regression interview on youtube.

“What am I going to get with this hypnotic regression training?”

Below is just a SMALL sample of what you’re going to learn when you pick up a copy of Hybrid Regression Therapy:

hypnotic regressionThe Workbook: Regression Therapy With NLP & HypnosisComplete A to Z on Hypnotic Regressions

  1. Stumble upon a SUPER SIMPLE way to get to the root cause of damn near any issue – before you waste a bunch of time! **PG 37**
  2. Discover when you actually need to use hypnotic regression **PG 8**
  3. “surgically remove” the emotional sting of any memory with one of Milton Erickson’s favorite techniques **PG46**
  4. Tap into the most powerful hypnotic regression techniques.
  5. Discover how to slay even the most monster-sized problems your clients bring you.
  6. and much…much more!

>>> “Download your copy of Hybrid Regression Therapy” <<<

hypnotic regression trainingThe DVD: Hybrid Regression TherapyA complete interactive video demo of a live Hypnotic Regression

With this DVD you get to see in the drivers seat!  You’ll get to learn first hand what needs to be done during a regression.This DVD is of a live Hypnotic Regression therapy session.  You’ll also enjoy Keith’s play-by-play explanation of what is going on.

  1. Peek into your clients past with this simple – yet effective technique **Video Module 3**
  2. A wickedly effective method to resolve emotional problems from the past – HINT: The founders of NLP developed this **Video Module 5**
  3. Tap into the most powerful hypnotic regression techniques.
  4. and much…much more!

>>> “Download your copy of Hybrid Regression Therapy” <<<

hypnotic regression trainingThe 12 track Audio download: Regression Therapy

  1. Put a stop to your clients dwelling on negative emotions – before their situation gets much worse! *MP3 3 of 12*
  2. Discover how to prevent your client from creating false memories that can make your job harder. *MP3 3 of 12*
  3. Lead your clients navigate through their negative memories – without dragging them through the mud *MP3 7 of 12*
  4. Force your clients unconscious to VERY QUICKLY reveal the root cause with the Eyes Light technique *MP3 8 of 12*
  5. Scared of dealing with your clients tough emotions? Use this technique to drain out the emotional energy of crappy memories *MP3 11 of 12*
  6. Plus much more sound advice

If you’ve spent more than $500 on any kind of Hypnotic Regression training – Hybrid Regression Therapy is going to be worth at least $297 to you.  And it only costs $109 – Thats more than double your money back!


“Yes I want to download my copy of Hybrid Regression Therapy!”

P.S. You want to master Hypnotic regression techniques? Check out Hybrid Regression Therapy.

P.P.S. When you act fast and grab a copy of Keiths program – you’ll get a free download copy of this Hypnotic Regression demo above.

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