July 25, 2014

Hypnothoughts Live interview with Martin Petersen

Here is another interview from the Hypnothoughts Live conference that just ended.  While the conference has ended, the vibes from it have not!

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In this podcast I’ve interviewed Martin Peteresen.  Martin is one hell of a Hypnotist (and an all around great guy).

What I like most about Martin is his no bullshit attitude.  “If you say you can do something, show me.”  Problem is nowadays there are too many trainers that make claims.  Claims that they can’t back up.

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Can you do Hypnothoughts Live and myself a favor?

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NOTE: There is a surprise in the video.  Something that I wanted to happen…but of course Martin knew…and he decided to make it a surprise.  5+ bonus points if you can guess 😉

There is some harsh language in the interview.  Not much.  Just a lil bit here and there.

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“Hypnothoughts Live isn’t a community – its a FAMILY”    ***CLICK TO TWEET***

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