August 27, 2015

Hypnothoughts Live Laughter

I recently came back from the highly anticipated Hypnothoughts Live 2015 3 day conference in Las Vegas.

Got a chance to interview Dave Berman and Kelley Woods from

Check out the interview.  You’ll catch some good insights on the healing power of laughter yoga.

“Hey guys why are we even laughing, whats so funny?”***CLICK TO TWEET***

Want to check this Hypnothoughts Live interview on youtube?

Kelley and Dave wrote their ground-breaking book Laughter For The Health Of It.  It showcases many techniques that practitioners (Hypnosis, NLP, Life Coaches, etc.) can use in their practices to greatly improve their results.

You can learn more about their book on Amazon.

P.S.  If you didn’t make it to Hypnothoughts 2015 YOU NEED TO BE THERE FOR 2016!  You’ve got a full year to prepare.  So go and do that!  You can learn more at Hypnothoughts Live.

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