June 23, 2015

Hypnotic Regression Demo with Keith Livingston

We’ve got a Hypnotic Regression Demo for you 😀

I recently interviewed Keith Livingston from www.hypnosis101.com

In this hypnosis podcast Keith takes me through a live Hypnotic Regression.


His own brand of Hypnotic Regression is known as Hybrid Regression Therapy

Click here to watch the Hypnotic Regression interview on youtube.

“What am I going to get with this hypnotic regression training?”

Below is just a SMALL sample of what you’re going to learn when you pick up a copy of Hybrid Regression Therapy:

hypnotic regressionThe Workbook: Regression Therapy With NLP & HypnosisComplete A to Z on Hypnotic Regressions

  1. Stumble upon a SUPER SIMPLE way to get to the root cause of damn near any issue – before you waste a bunch of time! **PG 37**
  2. Discover when you actually need to use hypnotic regression **PG 8**
  3. “surgically remove” the emotional sting of any memory with one of Milton Erickson’s favorite techniques **PG46**
  4. Tap into the most powerful hypnotic regression techniques.
  5. Discover how to slay even the most monster-sized problems your clients bring you.
  6. and much…much more!

>>> “Download your copy of Hybrid Regression Therapy” <<<

hypnotic regression trainingThe DVD: Hybrid Regression TherapyA complete interactive video demo of a live Hypnotic Regression

With this DVD you get to see in the drivers seat!  You’ll get to learn first hand what needs to be done during a regression.This DVD is of a live Hypnotic Regression therapy session.  You’ll also enjoy Keith’s play-by-play explanation of what is going on.

  1. Peek into your clients past with this simple – yet effective technique **Video Module 3**
  2. A wickedly effective method to resolve emotional problems from the past – HINT: The founders of NLP developed this **Video Module 5**
  3. Tap into the most powerful hypnotic regression techniques.
  4. and much…much more!

>>> “Download your copy of Hybrid Regression Therapy” <<<

hypnotic regression trainingThe 12 track Audio download: Regression Therapy

  1. Put a stop to your clients dwelling on negative emotions – before their situation gets much worse! *MP3 3 of 12*
  2. Discover how to prevent your client from creating false memories that can make your job harder. *MP3 3 of 12*
  3. Lead your clients navigate through their negative memories – without dragging them through the mud *MP3 7 of 12*
  4. Force your clients unconscious to VERY QUICKLY reveal the root cause with the Eyes Light technique *MP3 8 of 12*
  5. Scared of dealing with your clients tough emotions? Use this technique to drain out the emotional energy of crappy memories *MP3 11 of 12*
  6. Plus much more sound advice

If you’ve spent more than $500 on any kind of Hypnotic Regression training – Hybrid Regression Therapy is going to be worth at least $297 to you.  And it only costs $109 – Thats more than double your money back!


“Yes I want to download my copy of Hybrid Regression Therapy!”

P.S. You want to master Hypnotic regression techniques? Check out Hybrid Regression Therapy.

P.P.S. When you act fast and grab a copy of Keiths program – you’ll get a free download copy of this Hypnotic Regression demo above.

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