June 13, 2017

Hypnotic Storytelling with James Hazelrig

Dear friend,

If you’d like to tell wildly hypnotic stories – and you’re coming to Hypnothoughts Live this summer – then you’re gonna want to check out this interview with James Hazelrig.

Who is James Hazelrig?  Long story short – one bad mama jama when it comes to storytelling.  He’s also a master at delivering covert suggestions via stories.

How do I know?  I know first hand about his powerful (yet mischievous ways).  Keep reading and I’ll let you in on a little secret about James.

I picked his brain about Hypnotic Storytelling…and we talked briefly about:

* Hypnothoughts live (and why you should go)

* Why I may or may not be wearing a coconut bra at Hypnothoughts Live

* What honey mead has to do with hypnotic storytelling

* and some other stuff

You can discover more about his upcoming talk at Hypnothoughts Live

Remember how I said I’d let you in on a little secret about Jame’s tricky (and powerful) ways?

Here goes:

During one of his storytelling workshops 2 years ago at Hypnothoughts Live…James had his merry way with my unconscious.  His powerful stories he told that day helped me to make a life long change.

Want to know what that change was?  Click the play button below to discover what this powerful change is

Want to check the Hypnotic Storytelling interview on Youtube?

Seriously, if you haven’t been to Hypnothoughts Live…what’s been stopping you?  It’s very quickly becoming the talk of the town.

Make sure to check out Jame’s pre workshop on Hypnotic Storytelling


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