July 10, 2014

Hypnotic Storytelling with James Hazlerig at Hypnothoughts Live

In this podcast I’m interviewing James Hazerling about Hypnotic Storytelling.  I first met James at Hypnothoughts live last June.

His hypnotic storytelling ability is amazing!  I was lucky enough to listen to his intricate story about an East Indian boy and an elephant.  We were all tranced out to lala land 😀

He also just released his Hypnotic Storytelling 5 mp3 audio product.  Trunk to Tale: Hypnotic Stories of Wisdom and Growth.

This 5 MP3 set of hypnotic stories is a bargain!  At only $9.99 you should be locked up because you’re stealing from him 😉

All jokes aside…10 bucks is what I would expect to pay just for the story about the East Indian boy and the Elephant.  Its that damn good!

Last but not least…If you haven’t registered for Hypnothoughts Live, what are you waiting for?  Its July 18th to the 20th.  Its going to be FREAKING AWESOME!

Click here to watch the Hypnotic Storytelling interview on youtube.

Hypnotic Storytelling live demonstration!

James is giving 2 talks at Hypnothoughts Live.  Both on Hypnotic storytelling.  Be there or be square – I’ll see you around 😉

Click this image below to learn more.

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