May 30, 2013

How to master hypnotic storytelling

Recently I interviewed Robin Manuell of Hypnotic Storytelling.  If you get the chance to train with Robin make sure you take advantage of this!

Below is a podcast that Robin and I recorded a few months ago.  Enjoy!

“Hands down the BEST hypnotic storyteller I have ever come across!” Igor Ledochowski Tweet Me

Robin is a world renowned master Hypnotic Storyteller who was mesmerized by Richard Bandler and his ability to weave stories. He’s been on the Hypnosis Training circuit since 1994. He is sought out by nearly everyone who wants to develop a hypnotic story mindset.

When Igor Ledochowski ran his Ericksonian training this past year he invited Robin to teach Hypnotic Storytelling.  If anyone wants a Hypnotic Storytelling expert they contact Robin.

If you heard about a revolutionary hypnosis product that could make you a master of hypnotic storytelling, would you be interested in learning more about it?

Introducing…Hypnotic Storytelling: Tell Stories that Change Minds for Good.

The definitive hypnotic storytelling masterclass home study program will help you to…

      • Create authentic transformational tales for your most challenging clients
      • Generate deeper trances
      • Become a master of mystery
      • Become more creative in your hypnotherapy
      • Create deeper, longer lasting change
      • Enjoy the winding path of trance mastery
      • Utilise emotional resonance to let the emotion flow through you
      • Unleash your deep creativity
      • Empower your authenticity

When you purchase this masterclass you’ll get instant access to

  • Unlimited online access to over 5 hours of deeply hypnotic audio recording
  • Transcripts of all the transformational stories to study and annotate
  • An infographic showing precisely how the stacked realities and nested loops are constructed

Bonus material

  • Almost 2 hours of audio case studies applying the hypnotic storytelling skills with “real” clients

Here is what some people say about this hypnotic storytelling masterclass

hypnosis stories
hypnotic stories

If you’re ready to take your skills to the next level make sure to check out this audio program.  Already have this audio program?  Please let me know in the comments section below what you think of it.

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