July 3, 2013

Hypnosis Entertainment Cruise with Richard Barker

Recently I was in Las Vegas at the Hypnothoughts Live conference.  MINDBLOWN!  If you didn’t go to this years conference make sure you make it to the next one.

While I was there I had the chance to interview Richard Barker, creator of the Hypnosis Cruise.  Watch the video till the end because there is a nice little surprise 😉


“That guy won 4k! Could’ve been more if he took my Stage Hypnosis Training!”  TWEET ME


Stage Hypnosis Training

Hypnosis Entertainment Cruise – The Presenters


Sean Michael Andrews
Sean Michael Andrews is a Board-Certified hypnotherapist in Heidelberg, Germany. He is the Supervising Instructor for the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute. Sean teaches the nurse anesthetist course for the American School of Clinical Hypnosis International.

He is also the Director and Senior Instructor for the Atlantic Hypnosis Institute. Sean is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, one of the most powerful sales skills ever invented. He teaches his unique style of instant hypnosis throughout the North America, Europe and Australia. Many consider him to be
The World’s Fastest Hypnotist.”

Don Spencer
Don Spencer, CCHt. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1986. Director of thePersonal Achievement Center, Inc. Director of Hypnotism International, Inc. providing Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Worldwide. President of SleepNow Productions, Inc., Training, Research, Education, Entertainment Provides Spencer Seminars worldwide. Stage Hypnotist Entertainer: Produced the longest running weekly comedy hypnosis in 2001 for 320 Straight weeks. Don has hypnotized over 1,000,000 people through his worldwide entertainment services.

Richard Barker
Richard is a Professional Stage; Street and Clinical hypnotist. Known as the “Incredible Hypnotist” he originates from the United Kingdom and has spent the last 15 yearsentertaining thousands of people from the Cayman Islands to India and Japan.

His quick wit and charm have made him a crowd favorite. He has hypnotized people on the spot with his impressive feats of conversational hypnosis. Richard Is the founder of the Hypnotist Stage Academy, a training organization for new Hypnotists as well as the booking and promotional agency Hypnotist Entertainment.

Richards is a business builder and with his National Entertainment Group Corporation and similar entities has made a Million Dollar + business. He has entertained a myriad of corporate and private functions. Richard Barker is the author of the book titled “Secrets of the stage revealed. The guide to hypnosis and stage hypnotism” and is considered one of the busiest stage hypnotists in the world today. Richard has been featured on television and Radio as well as live performances across the globe.
Stage Hypnosis Training

Hypnosis Entertainment Cruise – The Hypnosis Trainings

HypnoSEX- Don Spencer
Oh yea. This is why PlayBoy TV hired me. Let’s just say you’re on a cruise. You’re lonely. You’re unsure how to say just the right thing to your partner (or) likely partner. Well, HypnoSEX will give you some great insights and immediate skills so your cruise will be smooth sailing. And think of all the skills you can use to help others!

Hypnotic Black Belt of the Mind- Don Spencer
Empty your mind and let me fill it with thoughts of stealth hypnotic skills that will ensure that anyone you meet, will be hypnotized. A quick overview of how to quickly penetrate the mind of your subjects and clients. (after all, many subjects will become your client).

The Hypnotic Lifestyle- Don Spencer
Spend some time and learn what it really takes to become a world class Professional Stage Hypnotist. Don will share his insights on how he began his career and developed it into a world wide entertainment specialty. He travels where he wants and gets what he asks for and more!

Street Hypnosis Techniques & Instant Hypnosis Inductions that Sizzle – Sean Michael Andrews
The inductions in this workshop will amaze and astound during group presentations. They are also invaluable in emergency situations. The special safety considerations associated with these inductions will be stressed. This seminar will introduce hypnotists to aspects of faster inductions and they will practice them to lock in the skills.

Building a Successful Hypnosis Practice – Sean Michael Andrews
You are a Stage Hypnotist doing a great job show after show and keep getting asked to perform private sessions. I will give you the A-Z and step by step approach to setting up your practice and immediately attracting hypnotherapy clients-This seminar is not to be missed if you want an additional or full time income stream.

Public Speaking and Making Money with your own Seminars and Classes – Sean Michael Andrews
Sean Talks about how to actually become a Public Speaker and increase your net worth. This lesson is invaluable to those wishing to travel the world and earn an additional income from Hypnosis. Sean will teach you how to get booked as a speaker and running your own Seminars. Sean is currently one of the busiest Hypnotists alive on the Speaking Circuit today

Taking your show to the next level – Richard Barker
So you had your Hypnosis training and you are now successfully booking and performing shows but want more? You would like to improve your show both in content and flow. You would like to take your performance to a maximum performance and improve. How can you be different, how can you be you? What significance dos branding play on my show. This seminar is juicy and packed with an extreme amount of content to get your show to the next level and will require you to think outside the box. Participants of this seminar may bring a 5 minute sample of their current show for analysis

How to get booked solid – Richard Barker
Have you ever wondered how some Hypnotists are working far more than others? Do you wonder how some Hypnotists are doing 100′s if not 1000′s of shows a year? Have you ever wondered how some Hypnotists have bookings and shows across America and the world. THIS seminar is for you if you want to increase your bookings and literally learn the secrets to getting more shows either locally only or Internationally. I will show you step by step fundraising- corporate-Fairground-College secrets to getting booked solid

Back Of Room Sales Effectiveness and Merchandise – Richard Barker
Richard Barker is very strong at his sales table either at the back of the room or at a venue and Public Gathering. Richard sells well over $1000.00 worth of product after each of his shows. How does he do it and what are the secrets to creating your own products and merchandise and then selling them to double your income? The secrets will be revealed in this not to be missed seminar.

Stage Hypnosis Training


As a bonus on this Cruise convention

  • Learn how to run a successful Hypnotherapy Practice
  • Learn new inductions and routines
  • Vacation and network alongside other experienced stage hypnotists
  • Receive classroom materials and DVDs at no charge
  • Get a discount for your companion to join you on this cruise
  • Organized activities and social parties
  • Excursions and time off to relax
  • Gain a plethora of new knowledge taking your show to the next level
  • Meet new lifelong friends in the industry
  • Trade referrals and become a part of our network
  • Pre cruise party
  • A copy of “Secrets of the Stage revealed. The guide to Hypnosis and stage Hypnotism by Richard Barker
  • $30.00 Value
  • A copy of “Mastering Instant Hypnotic Inductions” DVD by Richard Barker $40.00 Value
  • A Copy of Inducing the Trance” DVD by Sean Michael Andrews with 15 Incredible Inductions and How to Do Them $79.95 Value
  • Don Spencer will give participants to his seminars FREE HYPNOTIC GIFTS and you won’t want to miss them
  • ALUMNI Membership for life to the HEC forum and members club
  • 90 minute follow up coaching calls with Richard Barker (Only available if you order from this page!)


If you’ve spent over $6,000 on any kind of training products (books, DVDs, live courses) over the past couple of years I guarantee this will be worth at least $3,000, and it only costs $1400!  Thats more than double your money back!


Stage Hypnosis Training

Hypnosis Entertainment Cruise – what others say about it

“The Hypnotist Entertainment Cruise 2013 was “blown out of the water”! The presenters, Richard Barker, Alex William Smith, & Jay Noblezada shared knowledge with us you will not get anywhere else.  It was like a slot machine paying off a million dollar jackpot, the $$ just kept pouring out. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there will be information shared you will be able to use immediately to improve your hypnosis career.

George James


“WOW, the cruise was awesome!!!!! Thanks to Richard Barker, Alex William Smith, Jay Noblezada, Monica, and everyone else that spent time to put the cruise together! I left my Camera in Cocoa, but as soon I have it in my hands again, I will post my 1000 + photos for you.  It was great meeting everyone, and I look forward to next year.”

Mike Valmar


“My sincere appreciation is extended to you for assembling an excellent cast of presenters. It was a refreshing change from conferences of which I am accustomed. I work at a university and present weekly lectures and attend academic conferences throughout the year. In the academia field, presentations are a bit repetitive and conservative; however, the presentations on the cruise were delivered in the format in which information should be presented, flowing and inviting. The material was pertinent to my needs and created some enthusiasm to take the next step in my desire to focus more on hypnosis. On the way home, Pamela and I registered a hypnosis site with all of the major domains and assembled a package to be presented to local universities and businesses. This would never have happened without the professional guidance and encouragement that was extended to me and the other participants. I also appreciated the welcoming gifts that we found in our cabin on the first day of the cruise. Anna (our daughter) made sure that the treats were consumed before losing their flavors – minor gestures do send a larger message to the recipients.”

With appreciation,
Leonard (Dan) Anders

Stage Hypnosis Training


Lets Recap

1. Cruise and all port fees and taxes paid
2. Lectures and workshops x 4 valued at a combined fee of $4200.00
3. Food and accommodation included
4. Networking opportunities with other seasoned Pro Hypnotists included
5. Books and DVDs Included
6. Shows and entertainment included
7. Unlimited street hypnosis instant and rapid inductions on 3000 passengers included
8. Vacation for 6 days in the sun priceless


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