August 26, 2015

Igor Ledochowski on Hypnothoughts Live

I finally got another interview with Igor Ledochowski.  The last interview was in 2010 during a training of his I attended.

I just got back home from the Hypnothoughts Live 2015 3 day conference in Las Vegas.  If you were there you know how much fun it was.

If you weren’t there – you probably know how much fun we all had – you probably have seen the numerous Facebook posts from everyone that showed up.

Igor Ledochowski reveals:

* What Hypnothoughts Live is missing (believe it or not – this is actually a good thing)

* A real life example of 2 of his students that saved a mans life…this happened after the conference…(He was violent and wanted to kill people) plus  how to get the same skill level as these 2 students

* How people act around Hypnosis “gurus” – you’ll love his impression – its spot on!

* The #1 mistake that mentally unstable people make with meditation and self hypnosis.  HINT: They need to do this instead.

* A common mistake people make when trying to influence people (used car salesmen pay attention)

* Watch Igor light up when he talks about his 2 year old “baby”

* and much much ‘mo
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Igor says: ”…Hypnothoughts Live is a wonderful organization…” >>>CLICK TO TWEET<<<

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