February 1, 2015

Ken Guzzo Hypnothoughts Live interview

Hypnothoughts Live podcast with Ken Guzzo

This podcast is with Ken Guzzo from http://www.nonsmokingcenter.com/

I first met Ken – very briefly – at Hypnothoughts Live last year.

We had a chat about his upcoming Post Conference talk at Hypnothoughts Live.

If you want to learn how to have a very profitable stop smoking practice – look no further.

Click here to watch the Hypnothoughts Live interview on youtube.

This was a really fun podcast. We had quite a few good laughs. Mainly at his expense – ‘cuz he’s Canadian. We can rib them and they’ll tell us sorry 😀

The first 5 people that enroll in his class will have their Hypnothoughts Live ticket paid for!

Ken also has a few classes he’s teaching at Hypnothoughts Live. Below is just a SMALL sample of what you’re going to learn:

  • Peel back the mysteries to be the BEST in your community, and duplicate my results in ONE session!
  • Learn how to maximize your success rate with EVERY client
  • Discover hypnotic and neurological techniques that guarantee results Day 1 Module 4
  • Stumble upon the secrets to earn $595 per session, and $2,000+ per day
  • Uncover the most effective practice management techniques Day 2 Module 2
  • Learn how to quickly establish a 100% referral practice. Day 3
  • Learn a pre-talk that sets your clients up to win every timeDay 1 Module 3
  • Discover  a virtually full proof system for smokers, chewers, cigar smokers, and pot smokers.
  • and much…much more! 
  • BUT WAIT – Theres more!  Witness a LIVE sessions with real clients (day 1 & day 3)


Still on the fence about his class? Click here to learn more

or watch this video below

If you’ve never been to Hypnothoughts Live you have NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE MISSING!

I’ve been to the past two conferences – and I plan on going forever. Or until I’m too old to move.

Hypnothoughts Live is happening August 21st, 22nd and 23rd.

To learn more about it click this link

or click —-> www.hypnothoughtslive.com

I don’t make a single cent if you go to Hypnothoughts Live. I just like meeting all of my Hypno friends 😀

If you’ve spent more than $1000 on any kind of training – this is going to be worth at least $600 to you.

And the full 3 day conference is only $319!!

Wanna know the best part? You can get a 6 months interest free payment plan!

Go to www.hypnothoughtslive.com to learn more

NOTE: If you’re already signed up for the conference – or if you’re planning on going…how about you let people know about it on twitter by clicking the link below?

“I plan on going to Hypnothoughts Live this August 21st to the 23rd. Are you going to go?” ***CLICK TO TWEET***

Make sure to go to http://www.htlive.net/workshops/ to discover all of the amazing pre and post conference workshops.

Don’t forget –  Scott, Richard and the rest of the Hypnothoughts Live team have setup 6 months interest free financing!


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