June 29, 2017

Kevin Lepine is waging a war on bullshit hypnosis claims

Dear friends,

If you’re sick of hypnosis conferences that are full of fluff and marketing hype…then this is going to be most important podcast you ever listen to.

Why?  Simple.

Kevin Lepine and I talk about his upcoming No Bull Hypnosis conference.

What makes Kevin Lepine’s conference unique?  For starters its the only hypnosis conference where every single presenter has their claims vetted 100%

If they say they’re running a full time hypnosis practice…they had to be able to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt to Kevin.

If they say they’re “killing” as stage hypnotist, guess what?  They need to back up their claims by showing Kevin their contracts.

The conference takes place Feb 9th, 10th and 11th at the Binions Casino in Las Vegas.

Registration is $350 Before June 30
$479 From July 1 – Oct 1
$599 From Oct 2 – Feb 1

Head on over to Www.nobullhypnosis.com

Here’s a sneak preview of what we dug into onto the podcast below:

What every single presenter had to show Kevin BEFORE he’d even entertain the idea of letting them present (no other conference does this) (38:57)

Why Kevin encourages Stage and clinical hypnotists to step out of their “safe spaces” at the No Bull Hypnosis conference (44:48)

Watch Kevin’s eyes spin back in his head when I ask him this silly question about stage hypnosis safety (45:16)

WARNING – Are you the type of hypnotist who shouldn’t attend the No Bull Hypnosis conference? (1:00:31)

How you could make a few hundred buckaroos a day doing street hypnosis (if you’re willing to make this sacrifice) (59:02)

Watch Kevin make me eat my words about being able to make money with street hypnosis (53:46)

What do the top 3 stage hypnosis acts so about over lunch (hint – it ain’t hypnosis) (1:02:37)

The simple reason why doing high school and college shows isn’t better than headlining a Vegas stage show (it goes both ways) (38:09)

Want to check the no bull hypnosis conference interview on Youtube?


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