November 4, 2015

lorrie morgan ferrero on red hot copy

It took me a while to secure an interview with Lorrie Morgan Ferrero.

She’s not a Hypnotist – yet her words are Hypnotic.

Let me explain – Lorrie produces red hot copy – aka persuasive writing that convinces people to do things.

More than likely it is to buy stuff.

She’s got a unique style.  Not hype-y (that even a word?) and masculine fueled sales copy that screams:


Its actually the complete opposite.  Its heavy on the emotional storytelling.

On the podcast Lorrie Morgan Ferrero reveals:


* The direct marketing LEGEND you should not eat with (never). Has nothing to do with his manners.

* How losing out on a copywriting job turned her into a A-Lister copywriter.

* A tragic event in 1999 that changed her life (and thousands of others Americans) forever

* The exact reason she’s a (horrible) actress. This makes her even better at writing copy.

* What sets her apart from her male counterparts that allow her writing to attract a wider audience.

* Why Lorries clients are stunned by the results she gets for them – its because of a “special” type of lizard.

* Discover why she said “Yeah, you’re going to piss some people off” (And why neither of us care)

* Get more women with Pick Up Artist tricks? WRONG! Do this instead (it also improves your copywriting – win win)

* A little-known trick she uses to “get in the mood” to write killer copy

* And much much mo’ (Yeah I know. Its cliche. Let me try one more bulletin’)

* But wait – theres more! click the video below


Want to check this Lorrie Morgan Ferrero interview on youtube?


She’s got a free resource called

The 30 Day Storytelling Playground on Facebook.

Make sure to join.  Its a blast and a half!

Every day, for 30 days she posts a (totally random) picture in the group.  Then you write a 100 to 200 word story in like 15 minutes.  It gets really creative..and fast!

When the rubber meets the road – actual hands on practice makes you ready for the real world.  This storytelling game will do just this – without you having to lift more than a few fingers – to type that is.

P.S.  Just in case you couldn’t tell – her brand Red Hot Copy – its a play on words – and on her having red hair (red heads are amazing….amirite???)

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