August 1, 2013

Make money with Hypnosis [Free Webinar]

Hey folks, Antonio here. My friend Tellman Knudson is doing a free webinar on August 1st @ 6pm Pacific / 1pm Eastern

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Here is what you learn on this free webinar:

1) You’ll discover a A unique seven-step formula for Hypnotizing Absolutely Anyone that allows you to get instant results with Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Stress Reduction, Pain Management or even Wealth Building & Sales Clients…

2) You’ll discover why most Hypnotists can only charge $75 a session and how to make more than $750 a session for the same amount of time spent…

3) The Number 1 reason most Hypnotists are Dirt-Poor and an easy and effective way to help people all around the world… while making more money than any formally trained Psychotherapist, Doctor or Psychologist…


P.S. I first learned about this free webinar yesterday when I was talking to Tellman on the phone. He was giving me some rock solid advice about marketing my private practice. This free webinar is going to kick some major Hypnobutt!

P.P.S. As cliche as this sounds, this isn’t for everyone. Not every Hypnotist is bound to make a lot of money. If you’re looking for a quick fix this definitely isn’t it. On the other hand if you want some good business advice make sure to register for this free webinar

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