November 13, 2017

Profound Somnambulism with Stephanie Conkle

On this interview we’ve got the topic of deep trance.  Stephanie Conkle and I join forces to talk about her ground-breaking Profound Somnambulism protocol.

Let’s clear the air before we go any further.  Her approach is much more than just a really deep level of trance.

It’s a highly effective way of getting quality information from a clients subconscious WITHOUT clunky ideomotor signals.

Say whaaaat?

Yep.  Listen to the interview below for the details.

Want to check the Profound Somnambulism interview on Youtube?

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But not today…nope, not on my watch.

She’s agreed to give you a 20% discount!  So when its all said and done?  You’re getting your copy for only $300 instead of $375.

So get your hands on the Profound Somnambulism Protocol (Use PEREZ for your discount code).

NOTE: This discount only goes till the end of November.


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