July 14, 2017

Scott Sandland on his humble beginnings

We’ve got the man of the hour, Scott Sandland.  If you’re part of the hypnosis / NLP community you know who he is.  Or at least you should.

He’s part of the driving force behind Hypnothoughts (and Hypnothoughts Live).

Let’s jump right into the meat of the podcast.  I don’t have time to waffle about…why?  ‘cuz I’m going on vacation to Michigan 😀

What will I discover in this interview?

Glad you asked young padawan.

You’re about to stumble on:

Watch in disgust as I trigger an anchor related to Hypnothoughts Live [57:30]

What does a sugar filled carrot cake have to do with addiction recovery [00:23]

How a personal tragedy lit a fire under Scott’s ass…and gave birth to Hypnothoughts (and eventually Hypnothoughts Live) [2:51]

Why Scott has to pay people to acknowledge him in public [4:29]

FINALLY REVEALED: Why Scott was ready to camp outside of an NGH convention in an RV [7:26]

How to get two free nights at the New Orleans [10:43]

What is this simple physical prop everyone gets at Hypnothoughts Live that prevents ego’s from taking over? [14:37]

GOOD VIBRATIONS: What do sex toys have to do with Hypnosis (its nothing to do with Erotic Hypnosis) [51:32]

Why Scott thought of me as “a caveman” for a few years (and how Hypnothoughts Live changed this) [19:22]

Discover the exact reason Scott has kept himself humble (besides telling people he’s humble) [3:35]

Uncover the main thing Doctors and Lawyers have that we don’t have yet…(hypnothoughts is helping to fuel this fire) [23:58]

How Scott is changing the landscape of Hypnosis training…and keeping one foot ahead of the politicians trying to regulate us out of existence [44:12]

What an 8th grader learning algebra can teach us about common sense regulations [51:16]

Finish this sentence “I probably wouldn’t like Richard Barker if I ______” [22:57]

Can you correctly guess which State has the dumbest laws on Hypnosis (according to Scott?) [48:33]

Keeping up with tradition: Discover why I may or may not be wearing a bra at Hypnothoughts Live [58:54]

Uncover the meaning behind “Hypnothoughts Live happens once a year, but hypnothoughts happens everyday” [9:17]

What never to do while gambling at the Hypnothoughts Live conference [57:25]

Sooooo get your butt registered for Hypnothoughts Live… if you haven’t done so already.

Want to check the Scott Sandland interview on Youtube?


Are you interested in joining us at Hypnothoughts Live?  Jump aboard the train.

Now it’s off to vacation I go 😀

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David Chervick - July 19, 2017 Reply

Hey Antonio, Interview me!

    Antonio - November 13, 2017 Reply

    Ok, what should I interview you on?


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