June 14, 2017

Solution Oriented Hypnosis with Bill Ohanlon

Ever since I got my hands on Bill Ohanlon’s A Guide To Trance Land, I fell in love with his work.  Primarily his approach to solution oriented work.  In a nutshell, solution oriented therapies focus on finding solutions, rather than solving problems.

It’s often seen as a radical approach.

Recently I had the chance to interview Bill Ohanlon.  Aside from being a swell guy, he’s also a trailblazer in the hypnosis world.

Have fun digging into this interview.

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Want to check the Solution oriented hypnosis interview on Youtube?

  • Why the Milton Erickson foundation BANNED him from speaking at their conference for ALMOST 20 years! 7:42
  • Discover the exact question you can ask yourself (or any client) to uncover the step-by-step actions you need to take…to solve damn near any problem! 29:37
  • Watch Bill light up when I give him my description of a solution oriented trance…(“that was one of the best descriptions of a solution oriented trance“) 30:47
  • The single best question to help you create “fertile soil” for a solution oriented self hypnosis trance 27:23
  • Discover what Bill and I have in common (besides are charming wit and good looks)…(hint: it has to do with being black balled by the Erickson foundation) 7:20
  • Hypnosis is all about suggestions, right?  WRONG!  Discover why Bill threw the idea of delivering suggestions in the trash a long time ago…(it’s not about suggestions, its about this) 11:05
  • Bill talks about the phone call from Milton Erickson in 1977 that changed the direction of his life forever 2:34
  • Uncover the exact reason Bill chose to study with Bandler & Grinder BEFORE he studied with Milton Erickson 4:10
  • A powerful “roadmap” he unleashed on the world in 2009 that is a goldmine to any hypnosis practitioner…it lays everything on the line in regards to “trance logic” 8:20
  • Get a front row seat as Bill sends me tripping head over heels into trance…just by telling a story about Milton Erickson’s wife 35:51
  • The 4 wickedly effective ways to send yourself into a trance deeper than Donald Trump’s pockets 37:14
  • The exact moment I discovered what people mean when they say “the unconscious can’t tell the difference between a real and imagined event”…and the exact steps I used to get there 41:27
  • What caused Bill to become a “psychotically optimistic” hypnotist in regards to a person’s ability to change 43:49
  • And finally…Discover why a therapist slapped a label of PTSD on him…and why this has caused him to reduce his training to once a year (this is a good thing) 34:47

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