July 23, 2014

Steve G Jones at Hypnothoughts Live

I was lucky enough to be able to interview Steve G Jones yesterday.  I was also lucky enough to be at Hypnothoughts Live in Las Vegas.

If you missed it this time around, shame on you! 😉

I wasn’t sure what to make of Steve G Jones at first.  I was wondering if he would be the type of person to place himself above other people.

Truth be told.  There are a few people in the Hypnosis community that don’t like people making large sums of money with Hypnosis.  They see marketing as a bad an evil thing.

Hell, if you have a skill share it.

To tell you the truth, Steve is one of the nicest people I have ever met.  Very down to earth.

Listen to the great things he has to say about Hypnothoughts Live (Scott, I think I should be on your payroll…j/k 😀 )

Click here to watch the Steve G Jones interview on youtube.

Any idea what Steve G Jones had to say about the Hypnothoughts Live conference?


Click here to watch Steve G Jones endorsing Hypnothoughts Live on youtube.

“Hypnothoughts Live was amazing! Everybody should come back and tell their friends” ***CLICK TO TWEET***


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