October 16, 2014

Survey Funnel Formula by Ryan Levesque

3 Moral, Ethical, & Perfectly Legal Ways To sell more self help Products with the Survey Funnel Formula

Aloha!  In this podcast I interviewed Ryan Levesque – creator the Survey Funnel Forumla.  The Survey Funnel Formula is HANDS DOWN – one of the best ways to market your Hypnosis/NLP & Self-Help Products.

It uses some ninja level psychology techniques to sell more of your products.

I was all to excited for this interview.

survey funnel formula download

Take a listen.

Deep Trance Identification Interview

Click here to watch the Survey Funnel Formula interview on youtube.

“3 ways you can sell more of your self-help products – without selling your soul” ***CLICK TO TWEET***


survey funnel formula If you want to sell more of your products – on autopilot – without wasting time…GET THIS PROGRAM!

You’ll have an automatic sales force – selling your products – and making your customers – customers for life!

This means you’ll have more time to do all of the things you love – and enjoy to do!

Just stop and imagine – not having to pay a sales force to sell your trainings and or self-help products. Once you get a system up and running – it keeps on working for you.

You know the best part? Its only $197 (fully refundable after 30 days if you don’t like the program)

The bad news is he’s only allowing me to sell this for 48 hours

>>>>>Yes! I want to sell more of my products – show me how!<<<<< 


If you’re looking for an easy fix – a way to quick riches. Stop and go to www.ripmeoff.com

While you can use the Survey Funnel Formula to make a ton of scrilla (cash) – you still have to do some down ‘n dirty grunt work.

This program (as far as I can tell) – works best if you have medium to high priced services / products.

Think in terms of $97 to $1000 + services / products.

Here is the beauty of the Survey Funnel Formula

Lets say you specializes in weight loss. If you think about it. There are two kinds of clients.

Men and women

Both are unique in their needs and wants for losing weight.

Women might want to look better in a bathing suit – dress, etc.

Men might want to appear more attractive to their female counterparts – or other men if they are gay.

If you have the exact same message for every single client – you’re going to lose some potential customers.

On the other hand. When you have a message that is specific for a certain demographic – you’ll get more customers. The people will think that you “truly” know and understand them.

The Survey Funnel Formula is not for you if you’re a kind of hobbyist hypnotist.

Of if you don’t plan on putting in a LOT of work.

Here are 3 Moral, Ethical, & Perfectly Legal Ways To sell more self help Products with the Survey Funnel Formula:

  1. The micro-commitment survey method that uses a weird trick to cause customers to buy more of your products – without begging or coming across as a spammer
    **Week 2 – Video 1**
  2. Stumble upon an absolutely brilliant way to discover who your best customers are – before you waste a ton of time.
    **Week 1 – Video 1 to 3**
  3. Discover the number one way to make more money with your self-help products or trainings – the INSTANT someone buys *any* of your products or trainings – without ripping your customers off
    **Week 5 – Video 1 to 7**
  4. Plus much much more!


“Is this all I get with the Survey Funnel Formula?”

I’m glad you asked 😉

“Tell him what he’s won Bob!”

Well, you’ve won your own personal and LEGAL ATM Cash Printing Machine!

Ok – I admit.  That was a tad bit over the top.  In all reality – its true.  You just have to be willing to do some grunt work.

The bonus you get with Survey Funnel Formula is worth WAY more than the product itself. The bonus is a training how to make VSL’s (Video Sales Letters) that sell much more of your products & services effortlessly – without you having to talk to a single customer!

survey funnel formula ryan levesque

>>>>>Yes! I want to sell more of my products – show me how!<<<<< 

survey funnel formula review

>>>>>Yes! I want to sell more of my products – show me how!<<<<< 

I’m not the only one touting Ryan’s level of expertise:

“Literally Tripled My Profit This Year…

“I’m doing triple the profit that I was a year ago and I started working with Ryan a little over a year ago…

…One thing Ryan helped me add is an upsell funnel to my salesfunnel… I’ve probably made over $20,000 bucks from the upsell alone after I put it in place…

Click Here to Listen: (Time: 55 seconds)

Email Marketing Success Story:

“Increased Sales By $15,000 Per Week…

“…When I first started talking with Ryan we actually didn’t have any sort of e-mail marketing going with our company…

Ryan helped me launch just a couple of email segments and it was unbelievable. In the very first week I was keep track every single day going online to see what the results were and that first week I saw about 75 additional sales that could be attributed to e-mail.

75 additional sales in one week just through e-mail was pretty incredible. Based on what we make, it was upwards of $15,000 that initial week that we saw…

Click Here to Listen: (Time: 57 seconds)

And just to show you that Ryan Levesque isn’t a money hungry Internet Marketer.

A few weeks ago I wanted to join his Next Level Mastermind group on Facebook. Its $97 a month. I was sooo very close to joining. Problem was I was really tight on money. So I had a quick chat with him on Facebook.

ryan levesque survey funnel


P.S.  If you’re sick and tired of not making money from your self-help products / services and or trainings – you owe it to yourself to check out Ryan’s Survey Funnel Formula.

P.P.S. If you’ve spent more than $600 on any kind of product and or training to help sell more of your products – the Survey Funnel Formula will be worth at least $300 to you – and its only $197!  Thats more than double your investment back!

P.P.P.S. Remember that you the VSL (Video Sales Letter) Fast Track – thats worth $497 – for free!

>>>>>Yes! I want to sell more of my products – show me how!<<<<< 

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