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May 18, 2013

Get Hypnosis Clients without MLM Schemes

UPDATE: If you’ve been following what has been happening in the Hypnosis community.  Basically an MLM Scheme is being marketed to Hypnotherapists.  I consider this community my “home”.  I have a lot of friends in this community and I don’t want any of my friends being scammed.

When this blogpost was started I censored everyone’s name because I didn’t want some B.S. war starting.  Then these MLM Zombies decided to attack me left and right.  I’m taking the high road and presenting the facts.

Here is my promise to you:

1) Simply read through this post and I’ll show you a few ways that you can get more clients for your Hypnosis/Coaching practice.  Without having to join an overpriced MLM a.k.a Scamway type company 😉

You know what I hate more than unethical marketers in the Hypnosis community (and other communities)?

Unethical Hypnotists and marketers that try to push MLM schemes on me and my friends.  I want friends and family, not customers and “downline”.

Don’t try to persuade me.

“Pyramid Schemes have no place in the Hypnosis Community” CLICK TO TWEET

Recently a few Hypnotists have been convincing other hypnotists to join Empower Network (an MLM company) in hopes of getting clients and up to $1,000 a day.  In my opinion this is extremely unethical.

How the hell are you supposed to get clients with a Pyramid Scheme? #facepam

Basically Empowerment Network is billed as a company where you can create a blog on their platform for only $19.95 a month.  They use wordpress (which is free by the way).  You could just as easily get hosting for $4+ a month from someone such as Westhost (Affiliate link)  or with a non affiliate link.

(If you use my affiliate link I’ll help you to setup a basic FREE wordpress website.  Just email me the receipt and I’ll hook you up.)

People also claim that you can rank for highly competitive keywords because of the sites “authority” in google.  That is until google slaps them.  They have a pagerank (googles way of ranking sites) of 4 out of a possible 10.  That is not too incredibly high.  Hell my private practice website Kauai Hypnosis has a pagerank of 4 as well.

I must be a marketing goo roo to be ranked as high as Empowerment Network…or not.

I’m going to get to the part where I show you how to get clients for your Hypnosis practice.  I’ve gotta cover this whole MLM controversy that has been happening on a TON of Facebook groups in the past week or so.

Note: All of the images below are directly related to what has been happening on Facebook.  I’ve censored the peoples names and pictures because I consider some of them good friends.  I’ve hung out with them before.  Also some of the images have been edited because some of the conversation wasn’t relevant.

From my experience people who push MLM (and I say push because they are much like Timeshare sales people) share 3 commonalities.

1) They all claim that their MLM is revolutionary.


2) Almost none of them are willing to walking about their ROI (Return On Investment)

I’m not sure about you, but I better damn well be making considerably more than I’m spending (money and timewise).

I’ve always found it funny when people don’t want to say how much they make.  If you want me to invest then you better be willing to share how much you have made.  They want you to follow along like sheep with blindfaith.  Calculating ROI is extremely easy.  Here is a basic formula you can use:

return on investment = (gain from investment – cost of investment) / cost of investment

So lets say someones hourly “worth” is $10 and they invested 3 hours of time ($30) and made $173

$173-$30/$30 = 476.7% Return on Investment.  Thats a pretty damn big ROI.  That is how much I made in 3 hours doing street hypnosis tonight.  I made $23 + $150 for two registrations for a Hypnosis event I am running tomorrow.

One of these MLM zombies apparently paid $25 to join Empowerment Network.  Then they made their first sale a few days ago which I’m assuming it was for $25.  When you run it through the formula you get:

$25-$25/$25 = 0%.  A whole whopping…oh wait.  They made basically nothing in return.  Not to mention the amount of time they had to recover their money back.

Basically if someone isn’t willing to tell you their ROI then you should run…far…and fast.

These MLM Zombies keep on attacking me and trying to convince me that they have hit marketing gold!

In yet another video trying to name and shame me this kid tries to calculate his Return On Investment.  Right below this video I’ll show you the actual math.


Above is an image from a blogpost where he posted that video above. The image was taken down. If you look at it you’ll see he made a total for $304.18 in “passive” commissions for the month of May.  He also said in the video that he invests $125 a month into Empower Network.

Remember that ROI is (Gains-Cost)/Cost

($304.18 – $125 ) / $125 = 143%

That is a pretty big investment.  Until you take into account that I haven’t calculated the actual time spent earning that money.  (Which by the way is only $179… $304.18 – $125 = $179).

BIG BALLA!  Just imagine if you make that for 12 full months!!!  That is $2148!  (Whats the poverty level again???)

So where is this 1k a day formula you guys are talking about?

I make on average anywhere from $100 to $300 a day at my day time job.  I’d rather do my 9 to 5 and make money rather than lose money.  Call me a stupid wussy if you want.


3) They turn to insults to persuade you to join.  They’d probably make a killing with Crimeshare sales 😉



Here is a video that was made in response to this article.  When I created this article I had no plan whatsoever of naming or shaming anyone that is promoting this pyramid scheme.  You can view the video to see the types of people that are promoting the Empowerment Network.

They have decided to publicly call me out, call me names, etc.  I’m guessing its from their in-experience and young age.  When I was much younger I probably would have gone on a rampage.  Not any more.  I take the moral high ground.



On 2/23 I posted this blogpost on Facebook (and tagged Devin in the post).  He got mad, blurted out some adult cuss words and said I should post what he said on this blogpost.

So we’ve verified the fact that he could kick my ass.  He’d still be a douche.  A douche that has to rely on a pyramid scheme to sell something.

All of those Disempower Network need to actually learn Internet Marketing.  Also, they need to learn how to be salespeople.  Not high pressure assholes.  If you are approached by Devin or any other person pimping disempower network…RUN AWAY.

Devin, and the rest of the disempower network have always failed to show a positive Return On Investment.

Ok my rant about shady MLM schemes is over.  For now 😉


“Its not a pyramid scheme, its a 3 sided rectangle” CLICK TO TWEET

Now I know I promised you how to get Hypnosis clients.

Attracting Hypnosis Clients Blueprint


1) Setup a website.  This one is HUGE.  You need to be found online.  If you haven’t setup a website yet I’d like to suggest that you use Westhost (Affiliate link)  or with a non affiliate link.  For $4 a month you can’t go wrong.  I like westhost because their quality is much better than Godaddy, bluehost, gatorhost, etc.  (If you use my affiliate link I’ll help you to setup a basic FREE wordpress website.  Just email me the receipt and I’ll hook you up.)

2) Go and sign up for Derek Halperns Social Triggers newsletter.  Derek is a bad ass when it comes to marketing online.  I’ve learned a great deal from him.

3) Go to meetup.com and sign up.  There are all kinds of Meetup groups where you can find hypnosis clients.  Law of Attraction Groups, Hypnosis/NLP groups, personal development groups, self help, etc.  Network with these people.  Offer to give free talks, etc.

4) Give free talks at Health Food Stores, Gyms, womens groups, etc.

5) Subscribe to the Hypnosis Product Reviews newsletter with the form below this blogpost.  I’m going to be doing podcasts/webinars with people in the Hypnosis community that are getting tons of clients.  Most of these people are marketing experts.  Such as Sean Wheeler, Craig Eubanks, etc.

What I want you to do is do all 5 of these.  If you already have a website, then great!  If not, get a website!

P.S. Do you want to get instant access to any of the upcoming webinars where you’ll learn legit ways of getting Hypnosis clients?  Subscribe to the newsletter with the form below.  No spam.  I promise.

P.P.S. If you’re already on my newsletter feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you think of all of this.