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Power Of Self Hypnosis by Igor Ledochowski

The Power Of Self Hypnosis for guaranteed results audio program is the best self hypnosis program I’ve found.  All of the exercises gradually build up from the previous ones.


This program is broken down into 7 cd’s.

  1. CD 1   “The Amazing Power Of Self-Hypnosis”
  2. CD 2   “A Foolproof, Step By Step Method For Easily Hypnotizing Yourself”
  3. CD 3   “How To Program Your Mind To Get What You Want… Automatically”
  4. CD 4   “Potent Suggestion Tactics To Quickly Unlock The Power Of Your Mind”
  5. CD 5   “Beyond Self-Hypnosis…How To Connect With Your Unconscious To Get What You Truly Desire”
  6. CD 6   “Your Advanced Suggestion Strategy Toolkit For The Mind”
  7. CD 7   “How To Completely Master The Power Of Self-Hypnosis Method And Get Incredible Results”

Plus you receive a 410 page transcript manual on CDrom and 3 additional bonus CD’s!


FREE BONUS #1; Special Bonus CD “Expert Inductions You Can Use For Wonderful Deep Trances“.

FREE BONUS #2; Special Bonus CD “The Sure Fire Way To Get Even The Most Stubborn Mind Into A Hypnotic State“.

FREE BONUS #3; Special Bonus CD “How To Use The Cryptic Alphabet System To Troubleshoot Conflicts With Your Unconscious Mind“.

FREE BONUS #4DOWNLOADABLE 90 Minute Video Presentation on Self Hypnosis.  In September 2008, I held a sold-out, high level bootcamp in Palm Springs.  This presentation was a special addition to that event and received rave reviews.  It will add a whole new level of insight into using the Power Of Self Hypnosis system for you.

Power of Self Hypnosis Review