December 28, 2013

The 10 Commandments of Stage Hypnosis Training – are you a sinner?

1) Thou Shall Not Steal Material
2) Thou Shall Not Bite the Hand that Feeds
3) Love thy fellow entertainer
4) Thou Shall not Murder – duh! this should be a given 😉
5) You are never done training
6) Safety first!
7) No standing on your volunteers back
8) Get a copy of Ormonds Book
9) Don’t Miss Kevin Lepines Las Vegas Stage Hypnosis training

Kevin Lepine from goes above and beyond!  Ethics + Showmanship = Kevin.

Gotta be honest here.  If it wasn’t for Kevin, I wouldn’t be here.  He was the first person to Hypnotize me.

He created a monster 😀

Before you listen to the podcast I wanna ask a small favor from you.  For Kevin that is.

kevin lepineKevin is trying to win Comedy Hypnotist of the Year in Las Vegas.  Lets give him a big push!

Please cast your vote by CLICKING HERE or by clicking the image to the left.  Like my fancy photoshop skills? 😉

Keep in mind that he’s in the 2nd spot right now!  He’s right behind Mark Savard.

<——— Click that fancy image to cast your vote

You have to register for the site.  Seriously, it only takes a quick 2 seconds.


Take a listen to our podcast about his upcoming Las Vegas Stage Hypnosis training. Its going down Feb. 27th to March 3rd.


“The 10 Commandments of Stage Hypnosis Training – are you a sinner?”CLICK TO TWEET


So if you really want to master the craft you’ve got two choices.

1) Make a ton of mistakes over a 15 year period.
2) Spend a week with Kevin and learn from his 15 year trial and error run.

Click the image below to learn more.


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