June 26, 2017

The CIA Pattern

So what the hell is the CIA Pattern?  Let’s just say, its a game changer.  A few of us hypno geeks were lucky enough to get a taste of it at Hypnothoughts Live last year.  The first time I experienced the CIA Pattern…I was blown away!  It’s a great way to dabble with modeling with Hypnosis.

It’s a powerful NLP pattern created by Sarah Carson and Shawn Carson.

sarah carson nlp patternIn this podcast I shoot the shit with Sarah Carson about the CIA Pattern (amazon link).  It’s a modern day take on Napoleon Hill’s Cabinet of Invisible advisors.

Long story short?  Napoleon Hill would have conversations with many great people from the past.  Many whom were dead.

Was he summoning the dead?  Was he dabbling in the dark arts?

Nope.  The truth is far more boring (unless you geek out on this kind of stuff…wink wink nudge nudge).  He was having imaginary conversations with these people while deep in trance.

As you’ll soon discover in this podcast with Sarah Carson…Her and her husband had a spark of genius!

Here’s a sneak preview of what we cover in this interview:

  • What Nicola Tesla has to do with the CIA Pattern 17:40
  • Tune into why the inspiration for the CIA Pattern sounds schizophrenic 20:17
  • Watch my face light up with joy as Sarah talks to the younger me in trance 30:15
  • Watch as a full blown parts negotiation takes place while I’m deep in trance 34:48
  • The simple “WOW Technique” in the CIA Pattern that caused me to belt out “RAW POWER!” while deep in trance 52:20
  • Watch as she runs the CIA Pattern on me…

Want to check the CIA Pattern interview on Youtube?

Their CIA Pattern workshop at Hypnothoughts Live last year was top notch.  As a matter of fact, it was one of my favorites of last year.  Hands down!

I wasn’t joking in this podcast when I said I didn’t want to come back from that trance.  For those of you that weren’t lucky enough to be there in person…we’ve got the next best thing.

Here’s what you’ll discover when you you grab a copy of The CIA Pattern:

  • How Alexander the Great tapped into the legendary hero Achilles with something very similar to the CIA Pattern [pg 10]
  • You can’t benefit from being in a room of evil villains, right?  WRONG!  Discover how being a fly on the wall in a room full of super villains can help you to transform yourself [pg 145]
  • Tap into the closely guarded secret the Ancient Greeks almost took to their grave about conflict resolution…(the best part?  it works in and outside of trance) [pg 10]
  • Come face-to-face with a critical mistake an editor made…that almost prevented Napoleon Hill from writing about his CIA technique [pg 11]
  • The amazing “Hypnotic Interview” that guarantees your modelling session will run smooth as silk [pg 54]
  • must have tools to get the most out of any modelling session / project [Chapter 9]
  • Flip to chapter 10 to discover how to hijack your dreams to make positive changes while you sleep
  • 3 essential ingredients for getting the CIA Pattern (and any other NLP pattern) to work right from the get go [pg 31]
  • The 4 basic skills you need to solve problems (and come up with solutions) with the CIA Pattern [pg 37]
  • They’re virtually fool-proof way to send yourself tripping head over heels into a deep self hypnosis trance [pg 41]
  • Meet the scientific discover from the 1940’s that’s a real life game changer when it comes to hypnosis and modelling [pg 29]
  • The real world mistake that trips up even the best of us when it comes to visualizations…straight from the University of California [pg 32]
  • How the accidental Monkey See Monkey Do” discovery in the 1990’s explains much of what we do as hypnotists [pg 26]
  • The single biggest secret to getting modelling to work in the real world (hint – it comes from the mouth of an Ivy League college) [pg 24]
  • What does tying your shoe laces have to do with running the CIA Pattern (and pretty much EVERYTHING we do) [pg 23]
  • Discover wow an assassinated President “came back to life” to inspire Napoleon Hill to teach people his CIA technique [pg 12]
  • And finally – How an ancient Middle Eastern pagan practice will make the CIA Pattern spring to life…and have a lasting and deep impact on your life [pg 122]

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