July 11, 2017

how to make a positive shift at hypnothoughts live

Who do we have on the podcast?  None other than Jess Marion.  Let’s just say that I’ve fallen in love with her work over the past few years.

We first met each other on Hypnothoughts (and via some Skype Hypnosis group chats).

Her, along with Shawn Carson and Sarah Carson, are always dropping some great nuggets of wisdom on us.

Her upcoming Hypnothoughts Live pre-conference workshop The Shift is no stranger to this.

Who is madly in love with Jess’s ground-breaking work…and who was lucky enough to get her to join me on the podcast.

All jokes aside…

Let me remind you that Hypnothoughts Live is right around the corner (August 25th, 26th and 27th).  If you’re not registered – get a fire under your bum bum.

“What will I learn when I listen to this interview?”

Glad you asked.  You’re about to stumble on:

The three things that keep your problems “glued together” (and how to break free from these problems once and for all) [10:31]

The 3 “modes of being” that you’ll live your life in (and how to get the most use out of them)

The #1 secret to creating massive shifts in your thoughts and behaviors (that hypnosis trainers don’t want you to know about) [12:39]

The mistake that even experienced hypnotists make that kills their personal development…and how Jess and the rest of the gang will use a simple technique to bypass this all together! (Imagine achieving your goals in an effortless manner) [13:35]

How every single hypnotic intervention affects us on a deep level (no matter how big or how small) [13:47]

How The Shift Pre-Conference workshop will push you to the edge between comfort and growth (and then well beyond both) [6:52]

Discover how the illusion of reality is a double edged sword (you’ll stumble on the fine line between progress and chaos) [14:06]

Why street hypnotists need to avoid her Hypnothoughts Pre-workshop like the plague [14:29]

Discover the “Triple F” method that will transform you from the inside out during this two day event [21:20]

You should never doubt yourself or your abilities, right?  WRONG! Discover exactly why being uncertain is the key to change [5:45]

Tune in as we apply some major peer pressure to get you to come to hypnothoughts live (rest assured everyone is welcome.  They even allowed Ken Guzzo to show up) [23:24]

Hebbs Law is so 1949 (Discover exactly how their post-conference workshop is moving light years beyond Hebbs Law) [24:49]

Discover the neuroscience that’s at the core of ALL changework (and how to hijack this simple principle) [25:26]

Discover exactly why this specific type of metaphor works for pretty much everyone under the sun [26:29]

Can’t decide which workshops to attend during Hypnothoughts Live?  Listen to the crazy ass idea I propose to Jess [32:20]

Check out The Shift workshop at Hypnothoughts Live.

Want to check the Hypnothoughts Live interview on Youtube?



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