January 29, 2019

transforming your identity

“Which One Of These Mistakes Is Tanking Your Self-Esteem?”

Dear friend,

If you’re dealing with self-esteem or self-worth issues – this is going to be the most important thing you ever read.

Here’s why:

I recently had the chance to interview Damon Cart from NLP Gym.  He first came on my radar when I was digging into Steve Andrea’s Transforming Yourself model.

He’s running a free webinar on the self-concept model (from Steve Andreas) for the next few days.

This ground-breaking approach to working on identity level issues can boost self-esteem through the roof…without you coming across as a complete douchebag.

Jump over to this link to learn more.

What is this amazing discovery?


First, let’s cover what it’s not.

It’s not advanced and clunky NLP patterns. It’s not hypnosis. It’s unlike anything you’ve come across yet.

And it sure as hell isn’t weak affirmations. Affirmations pump you up with fake self-esteem. The whole “fake it till ya make it” approach always falls flat.

Most self-help stuff is recycled garbage. Shocker, I know. The self-concept is light years ahead.

So what is it? In a nutshell…its a step by step approach to tackle damn near anything you throw at it:

  • Shaky self-esteem?
  • Self-worth issues?
  • deep rooted fears and phobias?

Soon to be a thing of your past.

We know – these are some large shoes to fill. Hold onto the edge of your seat, because we’re about to reveal it.

Here’s what this amazing discovery is:


Your self-concept and your identity (how you see yourself) boils down to 2 things:

#1 The positive traits and values you hold dear (kindness, creativity, etc.)


#2 A collection of memories that showcase these traits and values

Both of these are the lifeblood of your self-concept and identity. You can’t have one without the other.

What if you value kindness for example…but you don’t believe that you’re a kind person? (or your memories don’t reflect this?)

hint: you’re running head first into resistance!

This is when people turn to affirmations. Imagine trying to force-feed kindness (or anything else) into your unconscious.

“I’m becoming more confident each and every day”

You feel like you’re banging your head against the wall. And you’re afraid you’re gonna be fighting uphill battle.

Before you know it – you’re in a never-ending battle with yourself.

Affirmation’s will leave you feeling hollow and empty.

You’ll be left feeling like there’s a gap between you and your ideal self.

How to stop this never-ending battle?

It’s an easy 3 step process to transform your identity…and create a strong “sense of self”…which translates to a rock-solid self esteem and winning personality.

Step #1 Discover memories where these positive traits and qualities are in high supply.

Step #2 Strengthen these qualities (positive traits and values).

Step #3 Transform negative memories. Negative memories lead way to limiting beliefs. This is where the real magic happens.

If you want to discover what this program is all about…watch the video below.

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