January 19, 2019

transforming yourself review


Dear friend,

If you’re riddled with poor self-esteem, then this might be the most important thing you ever read.  Here’s why:

As you’re aware – poor self-esteem can lead to a host of other issues.  Self worth, anxiety, chasing dreams that aren’t aligned with your values.  And on and on.

I don’t want to bang the drum too much.  If you’re in the thick of it, you know just how bad it is.

That’s the bad news

Now for a breath of fresh air – you can improve your self-esteem by leaps and bounds.  But not by just any old methods.

And you definitely don’t want to approach it with the “fake it till ya make it” approach.

Sure, that approach can be helpful in some situations.  This approach will cause you to crash and burn.

Let this thought bounce around in your head for a moment – “What does it feel like when I strive for goals that aren’t aligned with my top values?”

If you’re shooting for the stars that are in someone elses dream…your motivation will quickly fade and sizzle.  Now on the other hand, if your goals are aligned with your values…you’ll be able to move mountains.

What’s this Wild Goose Chase?

Simply put – its when you’re on the vicious cycle of chasing down goals.  We’ve been taught in society that we need to “achieve achieve achieve!”

But what does that really do for us?

And to further move down the rabbit hole…what if you’re chasing down goals that aren’t aligned with your true values?

Yep, you guessed it.  You’ll burn out faster than you can light another fire under your butt.

I was guilty of this up until a few months ago.  I was lucky enough to discover the Transforming Yourself NLP model.  This product is taught by Damon Cart.  Steve Andrea’s (RIP you beautiful soul) is the originator of the Transforming Yourself model.

Or another way of saying it – Steve is the brains and Damon is the brawn 😉

Press play to discover how this model transformed my life (and how it can help you)


Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll discover with the Transforming Yourself product:


Video 1 The power of self-concept Video

20:56 NASA’s “Moonwalk Strategy” is vital to building a strong and durable self-esteem

1:37 Can’t change your beliefs? Not so! Tune into this set of beliefs you’re changing every day without even trying

7:45 How changing this one element of your “mental map” can make sweeping changes in your life

8:29 CAUTION – Don’t go changing your self-concept aka identity willy-nilly (you can end up far worse…here’s the simple solution)

15:37 Best way to change a behavior is to get to the root cause, right? WRONG! Try “dancing around the issue” like this…and it will naturally clean itself up

29:35 The secret to making positive changes stick for good with the “NLP AMNESIA” pattern (relax, its a simple writing exercise)


Video 2 Elements of a healthy self-concept


4:41 Affirmations are useless, right? WRONG! They’re powerless unless you can stop the “divide and conquer” thought virus

8:42 How to spot the “divide and conquer” conflicts before it hurls you down a path of destruction

13:24 “Do not try this at home…” – What a fumbling athlete can teach you about a healthy self-concept

16:31 “NLP is manipulative” is the biggest complaint. Do you know what the next biggest complaint is?

21:31 The common mistake that can toss you into mid-life crisis overdrive

40:19 The secret to spotting a narcissist – can they pass the Jim Jones “sniff test”?



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