June 28, 2014

Video Sales Letter Formula interview with Jon Benson

video sales letter formula
This podcast is all about  a Video Sales Letter Formula.  Most of the podcasts I record are strictly about Hypnosis and NLP.  My other huge hobby (soon to be much more than that) is marketing.

So it only seemed fitting to interview Jon Benson.  Jon is one of the worlds top paid copywriters.

What is a copywriter you ask?  A person that writes words that get cash.

If you’re a life coach, Hypnotherapist / NLP practitioner, or anything similar you owe it to yourself and your customers to learn really effective marketing.

How can people benefit from your products and or services if you don’t market yourself effectively?

A good Video Sales Letter Formula can help you to do just that!

There is definitely some adult language / subject matter in this podcast.  You’ve been warned.

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Is this Video Sales Letter Formula still effective?

A good Video Sales Letter Formula is definitely still effective.  One of the most important things of an effective Video Sales Letter Formula is the pattern interrupt.  A pattern interrupt is basically when you interrupt a persons pattern.

Kind of like the Hypnotic Handshake.  A Hypnotic Handshake may start to become ineffective if its overused.  Especially on the same person!  If we all started to run around doing the handshake induction, it wouldn’t really be a surprise.

Its the same thing with video sales letters recently.  Jon actually talks about this and gives some insight on how to take care of the overused pattern interrupts with video sales letters.

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jon benson video sales letter formula

If you have any kind of products that you sell online – or plan on selling online…then Jon Benson’s VSL Generator will definitely help you to do this.

Jon Benson’s Video Sales Letter Formula will help you to:

  • Start selling more of your products without wasting thousands of dollars
  • Discover a few weird tricks to sell way more of your products before your competition can discover how you’re doing this
  • Automate your sales force…without having ANY sales people.  No sales people = more profits in your pockets
  • IMAGINE pushing your profits through the roofby using this ground breaking strategy…hint: Its not what you think! ***Video Module 10***
  • BLOW AWAY your competition without being ruthless.
  • Force your customers to watch your entire Video Sales Letters – by confusing your customers using this simple Hypnotic trick ***Video Module 1***
  • Uncover a weird psychology trick…to charge your customers even more money (and get them to thank you for this)


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video sales letter formula

“Simply put, Jon has come up with more cool ideas in the world of marketing than anyone I know. He gets results very few people can achieve, and he can teach others how to do the same. He taught me his ‘ugly VSL’ techniques, and we’ve used them ever since to make millions.”

— Ryan Deiss, DigitalMarketer.com

“Same list, same exact traffic. We went on from there to create the top product on Clickbank… as in ALL of Clickbank… multi-millions in sales, entirely from the 3X Sellerator techniques.”

— Josh Pellicer, The Tao Of Baddass

“3X was instrumental in getting our WillingWay marketing and website positioning off the ground. Jon is not only brilliant as a marketer, he’s one of the best ‘teachers’ I’ve ever met.”

— Mariel Hemingway, Actress/Fitness and Wellness Spokesperson

“I’ve cranked out a record breaking sales letter – all because of The Sellerator. Thank you! Honestly, I have spent more than likely between a half million and a million on training and courses over the years for all of my companies and all of my employee’s and I have never given the “best of” award…until now.”

— Jim Engel, Real Estate Marketer

“I have spent a lot of money on a lot of courses. I will tell you that your insight and organization of The 3X Sellerator System, along with great presentations, is making this the best System BY FAR that I have seen. I cannot envision how this cannot rapidly improve everyone’s conversions. God bless you. I know your passion is to over deliver and I for one, greatly appreciate it.”

— Lane ‘Dawg’ Bowers, Barefoot Waterskiing Champion and Internet Marketer

“Seriously, Jon taught me how to market my own products more effectively, and I’ve made millions for years in this business. He was also key in teaching my staff how to use his 3X Sellerator to literally create 5 and 6-figure VSLs WITHOUT me having to write them myself or pay top copywriters to do it. His 3X Sellerator can take a total newbie marketer and make them into a virtual pro… and that means you can pocket more cash.”

— Tellman Knudson, Internet Marketing Pro

“Jon is one of the most badass marketers on the planet. His knowledge of the psychology of selling, mixed with his invention of SO many sales letter and video sales letter techniques, and of course The 3X Sellerator, makes him THE go-to guy in marketing today.”

— Joe Polish, Piranha Marketing, ILoveMarketing.com

“I usually don’t endorse anyone, but I’m making an exception for Jon Benson. He helped me crush a multi-million dollar launch, and with his 3X Sellerator training, I created my own videos sales letter to automatically close a live speaking event, which made over $400,000 in profit. He’s the real deal.”

— Dean Graziosi, The World’s #1 Real Estate Marketer

“I used Jon’s 3X Sellerator, and now I have the top offer in my industry…all from a single VSL!”

— Vin DiCarlo, Pandora’s Box

“Jon’s not only an amazing wordsmith, he’s also amazing at positioning, and helping others via The Sellerator to learn how to position their products in sales letters, VSLs, blogs, you name it, to simply GTM… GET THE MONEY.”

— Andy Jenkins, Video Boss, Traffic Genesis

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P.S. Just in case you’re a skimmer like me 😉 This podcast is about Jon Benson’s Video Sales Letter Formula. It’ll help you to sell more of your products online without having a salesforce.

>>Discover how to automatically sell more of your products WITHOUT HAVING A SALESFORCE that will demand you to pay them!<<<

jon benson video sales letter formula


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