August 7, 2013

Waking Hypnosis Techniques – Hypnosis Without Trance

What is waking hypnosis?

Is it really possible that you can have you eyes open during Hypnosis?  The truth is you need to keep reading to find out 😉

(Hypno brain engaged)

Before I get into the subject at hand…I have a quick story.  Rewind back about 30 years.

(Time machine on) 

waking hypnosis techniques I can remember it clear as day.   I’m 6 years old.  At my grandmas house.  On her bookshelf is a copy of a Hypnosis book. “Whats this Hypnosis stuff?” I ask myself. I flip the book open.  2 hours later I’m still wrapped up in the book.

“OH MY GOD!” thinking to myself.  “This stuff sounds awesome!!!”

Those 2 hours felt like minutes.  Hell, seconds.

During that time I forgot my name.  Lost track of time.  Discovered new worlds.  These worlds were a combination of pure imagination powered by raw power and the endless possibilities of new realities.

I found the key and opened the door.  Have any idea what this key was?

Keep reading and you’ll discover this key

(/Time machine off)

Why is it that I can still remember this experience as if it happened yesterday? Do I have a memory thats rock solid?

Am I a genius – I’d like to think so 😉

(True statement on)
I’m no memory expert and I’m not a genius (I know..surprise surprise) 🙂
(/true statement off)

If this is the case, how come I’m able to remember all of this? Here is a hint:

I experienced all sorts of Hypnotic phenomenon.  I was Hypnotized, and I didn’t know it yet.  I wasn’t Hypnotized in the classical sense.  No eyes closed, no “deeper and deeper”.

None of that stuff!

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind.  I see Hypnosis as a magnifier.  It can help us to learn new things very at the speed of light.  Basically Hypnosis helped me to “lock” that memory in.

Earlier I asked you whether or not you needed your eyes open for Hypnosis to occur. Clearly you do not.  I had been experiencing a state of Hypnosis while I was reading that book.

This is simply known as waking Hypnosis.

What is waking Hypnosis you ask?

Waking Hypnosis is door way to Hypnosis mastery.  Hypnosis Without Trance is the key you need to unlock the door and walk the path to mastery.  This is the key I discovered that has amped up my Hypnosis skills.


P.S. Seriously.  If you want to see Hypnosis in a whole new light, open the door with this key.  If you need more convincing you can check out my Hypnosis Without Trance review.

P.P.S. Expect some more Hypno goodies from me in the next few days.  I’ve gotta exercise my writing a bit 😉 Tad bit rusty…

(/Hypno brain disengaged)

Now back to reality..beach time for me 😀

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