July 3, 2017

World Wide Transformational Summit

In this podcast I kick it with Laura J Worley from the free World Wide Transformational Summit taking place JULY 8TH – 17TH, 2017.

Let’s not doddle.  Let’s jump into what you’ll discover when you listen to this podcast (and what you’ll learn when you attend this free event):

Discover the tested and proven 5 step system from Melissa Tiers for helping with anxiety and addictions (including the amazing “water bottle” trick) [14:09]

The eyes are the windows to the soul…and the key to freedom from anxiety? [15:05]

How this unconscious activity can get you dragged into jail…and what to do right now to avoid this before its too late [3:33]

How getting the upgraded World Wide Transformational Summit will boost your results ten-fold [5:48]

Watch us bust out laughing because of this “technical difficulty” 6:55

How Laura first heard about John Overdurf, Melissa Tiers, and Mike Mandel [13:35]

The unconscious messages in a letter that can clue this master hypnotist to the real issues they’re clients are dealing with [4:26]

Tune into the reason why grabbing this part of your body can trigger relaxation instantly [16:30]

Stumble on the exact question to ask yourself to get the most out of the free World Wide Transformational Summit [26:02]

Are you treating your loved ones like this everyday object many of us struggle to hold onto? (If so, STOP NOW) [27:23]

Discover what I mean when I say “NLP with a little warmness to it” to describe this Hypnosis trainer that is a speaker at the summit [2:56]

Introducing John Overdurf’s legendary “Beyond Goals” framework (including a simple way to shake off weak goals before you waste years of time and money investing in them) [13:02]

Plus much much more!

Want to check the World Wide Transformational Summit interview on Youtube?

Hopefully by now you’ve already made the decision to register for this free event.  Go ahead and register – I’ll wait.

What?  Still not convinced?  Ok, let’s take a look at just 4 of the 23 people presenting.

She’s got 4 of the worlds top hypnosis trainers:

The World Wide Transformational summit has Richard Bandler talking about how to be happy.  He also dives into how we should be teaching children in the public school system.

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Next up we’ve got Melissa Tiers.  If you don’t know Melissa Tiers – PAY ATTENTION.  Her approach is a powerhouse.

I was lucky enough to interview her today about her approach to working with anxiety and addiction (subscribe to the newsletter below to get instant access to that podcast when I publish it).

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John Overdurf is legendary in the hypnosis and NLP communities.  His approaches and teaching style is very unique.

In his talk he goes over the topic of creating rock-solid goals.

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What kind of personal development workshop would be complete without our favorite Canadian hypnotist?

Yep, that’s right.  They managed to get Mike Mandel on the conference.  He’s gonna be covering a ton of material.

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